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27 Jun 2013

Adelaide memories

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When Anders and Linda was here we took heaps of photos and I’ve just started to go through them all uploading them on the website and creating a photo book.  It takes heaps of time but I thought I would at least share some of the pics from the great time we had in Adelaide.  Follow the link  below to go have a look. 


01 Apr 2013

Easter weekend

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Easter weekend is over and we’re enjoying our last couple of days in Adelaide. We’ve had a pretty relaxed day today with a visit to the CBD. Well needed after a busy couple of days spent on a Easter family lunch, crabbing in Ardrossan and on a winery tour in McLaren Vale.

We caught 95 blue crabs on our trip to Ardrossan, same spot as we went crabbing on Boxing Day last year. A record catch in my short crabbing career. As always I enjoy catching them more than eating them and Anders and Linda felt the same way. But a couple of freshly cooked crabs are yummy, maybe not 95 of them though. 😛

Yesterday we enjoyed a great day on a tour around McLaren Vale visiting no less than six (!) wineries. My favourite was Wirra Wirra Vineyards which had really good wines. Chapel Hill impressed me the least. The guy that owns Settlement Wines was a real character and I enjoyed the wines there as well, especially the port wines.

The weather has been a bit average so far. Unfortunately it will be really nice and sunny again in Adelaide after we leave and it looks like we’ll have a rainy stay in Sydney coming up. 🙁

Dont get me wrong it’s still good to be on holiday and to hang out with Anders and Linda but if the weather was sunny and a tad bit warmer it would have been the icing on the cake.

28 Mar 2013

Holiday mood

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I’m starting to get into holiday mood and I like it. Anders and Linda arrived on Saturday and we had a nice weekend together visiting the International Flower & Garden show in Carlton, showing them the city and having barbecues on the balcony. I had to go back to work on the Monday and Tuesday but Simon had time off so he kept then busy with some shopping, a trip to Torquay and a visit to Williamstown.

Yesterday, my first holiday day, we flew over to Adelaide to visit Simon’s family. A rainy first day offered some more shopping and I bought myself a pair of Merrell shoes so now I’m prepared for all the walking!

Today we’ve spent the day getting up close and personal with some of Australia’s wildlife petting both koalas and kangaroos.




04 Jan 2013


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I love frangipanis, they smell nice and sweet and are pretty to look at. Simon’s grandpa has a beautiful tree in his garden and today I took a twig from it. Hopefully I’m able to get them to grow in a pot on our balcony back home.


01 Jan 2013


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I discovered something new today, IKEA in Adelaide has pick & mix lollies (in Swedish lösgodis). IKEA in Melbourne doesn’t, how unfair is that?! I believe it has to do with the fact that the Australian IKEA stores are different franchise businesses. I discovered this when I tried to use a gift voucher I have from back home but couldn’t since it was purchased in Melbourne. Apparently Adelaide and Perth belong to one franchise and the rest of them to another. That explains why the map on the IKEA website looks like below. 🙂

All of a sudden it also makes sense why the chest of drawers that I went to IKEA to buy (because it was sold out back home) was on sale in Melbourne when we went there before Christmas and not in Adelaide. Luckily enough it ended up being included in the after-Christmas sale here in Adelaide though so I got the discount in the end anyway.


All these lollies and I didn’t even buy any….didn’t want to start of the new year being bad. I regret it now. (Though it was expensive $23/kg I think which is about 160 kr.)

31 Dec 2012

Happy New Year 2013!

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2012 has been a very exciting year for us with lots of twist and turns on our life roller coaster, the biggest of course being the move we made to Australia in July. 2012 has been a year of both joyful meetings and sad goodbyes. A memorable meeting was in March when I met up with Becca in Stockholm, one of the three kids (now a grown up woman though) I looked after as a nanny in Boston back in the day. I had such a great time catching up with her and I hope it won’t be 7 years until next time. 🙂 The saddest of goodbyes of them all was of course when leaving friends, family and animals to move Down Under.

2012 was also the year I made my wedding photographer debut at our good friends Maria & Håkan’s wedding. We also celebrated Simon turning 30 and sadly missed out on my brother’s wedding at the Canary Islands. We will also remember 2012 as a year of travelling with awesome long weekend trips to Amsterdam,  Prag and a not so awesome, but still memorable, trip to see Swedish House Mafia in Dublin.

2012 was also the year when I made a career change when I swapped my job as a Product Manager for a position as a Purchasing Manager, an interesting challenge indeed. I’ve also been lucky to be able to be involved in starting up the brand new local SWEA organisation here in Melbourne and become part of the board.

It’s now time to say goodbye to the year 2012 and welcome the brand new 2013. We’re excited to see what it has in store for us and hope it will be filled with lots of joy and happiness. We already know it has a visit from my brother and sister-in-law in store for us as well as a Swedish House Mafia concert so we’re off to a good start. We hope you all have a smashing New Year’s celebration,  toast in the new year in style and we wish you all the best for the year ahead.


30 Dec 2012

Walk along the beach

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I took a nice walk along the beach today. I really love the ocean and the beach. It’s not something you get to enjoy as much in Melbourne so being within 5 min walking distance from the beach here is a treat.


22 Dec 2012

Good morning Adelaide

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22 Nov 2012

Weekend in Radelaide

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Yes, I know it’s already Wednesday and my weekend update is only posted today but there have just not been enough time left over to blog. Work is busy at the moment, on Monday night we were invited over for dinner at a couple of friends’ house and I’ve had SWEA stuff I’ve had to do so I’ve been flat out. On top of that my back has been hurting, I strained a muscle at boot camp on Thursday it felt alright over the weekend but then went all bad again Monday night. To be honest I’m a little cranky since I’ve not been able to sleep properly for 3 nights because it hurts when I move and on Monday night even when I breathed.

But enough whinging back to the weekend. We left work early on Friday and it took us about 8-8.5h to drive over to Adelaide. The drive wasn’t too bad but there were lots of road works slowing us down which was annoying. We had Simon’s cousins wedding on, on Saturday and spent the whole day celebrating. It was a nice low key, budget wedding but nice to catch up with family. Sunday we just relaxed a bit before we had to drive back home. It’s a very long drive to do just over the weekend and I don’t think we’ll be doing it again since half the weekend is spent in the car. But the flights were around $500 return for the both of us and with our trusty Cruze who took us both there and back on less than two tanks we saved probably aroun $350.

04 Jan 2012

Mt Lofty & Cleland Wildlife Park

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Another great day down under is almost over. Not that hot today, “only” around 26 degrees so it was actually a perfect day for today’s adventures which offered a trip to Mt Lofty and a visit to Cleland Wildlife Park as well as my first bodyboarding attempt. I think I caught more seawater in my mouth than I caught waves during the last one though but at least I had fun trying.

View from the Mt Lofty summit, Adelaide CBD in the center.

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