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26 Oct 2011

Penguin jumper

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I just read an article on how a yarn store in New Zealand made an unusual request not long ago. They asked people to knit jumpers for penguins affected by the country’s oil spill off the coast of Tauranga. The oil spill was caused by the grounding of the Greek cargo ship Rena and it’s described as New Zealand’s worst ever environmental disaster.

But how did the jumpers help you might ask yourself (I know I did). The jumpers were not just a fashion statement but was knitted to help the little blue penguins that already had been caught in the spilled oil. The jumper helped protect the birds, preventing them from cleaning their feathers and that way ingesting the toxic oil.

07 Jun 2011

Dude, you need a haircut!

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The big news from around the world reaches Sweden. For example today I read in the Swedish news tabloid Aftonbladet about the famous New Zealand sheep Shrek that apparently was put down yesterday. This almost 17 years old sheep was quite the celebrity it seems.

Shrek was a merino, a castrated male sheep, and he was renowned for avoiding being shorn for years. He evaded the annual shearing roundups for seven years by hiding in caves on his farm and when he was found in 2004. Shortly after his capture Shrek was shorn on national television watched by millions. He was carrying 27kg worth of fleece, an average merino fleece weighs about 4.5kg. The wool was sold and raised money for the Cure Kids cancer campaign and the pictures were worth an estimated $100 million in worldwide publicity for the export industry.

Until becoming sick three weeks ago, Shrek toured the country, commanding $16,000 US for appearances and getting the star treatment wherever he went. I guess it can only happen in a country where there is 4 million people and 42 million sheeps. 🙂

Thanks Anders for the tip about the article, I should start handing out prices to people giving me funny blog ideas. 😛

22 Feb 2011

Mother Nature strikes again

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I’m having a busy week with long days with meetings, discussions, product training and late dinners. Tiring but at the same time good of course. I’m at my hotel now in Italy ready to go to bed but just thought I post a little blog post before. I miss writing in the blog and I’ll have lots of blogs to catch up on reading when I get back too.

Since Spain have everything in Spanish or dub  their TV (tried watching 2 1/2 men the short 20 minutes I had left to myself yesterday and it was crap) I didn’t watch the news and therefore wasn’t aware of the earthquake that hit the southern island of New Zealand until Simon told me.

The earthquake measured 6.3 on the Richter magnitude scale and hit Christchurch on Tuesday at 1 pm local time. The town centre was packed with people at the time the quake struck. The cathedral was badly damaged and the Arts Centre and Telecom building have also suffered heavy damage. The death toll is already the second-highest in a New Zealand earthquake – outranked only by the 256 people who died in the violent 7.9 quake in 1931 in Hawke’s Bay.

I went to Christchurch back in 2009 (read about it HERE) and it’s a beautiful little city. Sad to see yet another proof of the damages Mother Nature can cause.

The beautiful cathedral in Christchurch has been badly damaged.


This is what the cathedral looked like when I was there.

24 Sep 2010

Valkaos Àven i Nya Zeeland

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Whale chaos in New Zealand too – The header is only witty in Swedish refering to the election chaos that is going on in Sweden right now and the word for election and whale is the same thing in Swedish. Sorry for trying to be funny it’s really tragic news but I couldn’t help myself.

Last week between 70-80 whales were found stranded on Karikari Beach in a bay in northern New Zealand. Only nine of them survived. Although 13 whales were refloated, a day after they were found stranded in the sand, four were unable to make their way out to sea and had to be put down.

All the whales were pilot whales which apparently are very social animals which leads to frequent mass stranding incidents like this one. It is believed that these particular NZ whales became stranded at nighttime at the beach. With nobody seeing them, it lead to the dozens of whales dying before a rescue could occur. Rescuing them is of course not easy either considering their size, adult males can reach up to 6.1 m and weigh up to 3 tons and adult females measure up to 4.9 m and weigh up to 1.5 tons.

Rescuers try to lift a stranded Pilot Whale
06 Jul 2010

A village anyone?

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Ever dreamt of owning your own picturesque village? There is one up for sale in on the South Island of New Zealand. Otira village (pronounced or-tear-ra) located in Arthur’s Pass National Park. The current owners who bought the village back in 1998 wish to retire and therefore have put it up for sale. Included in the price tag of 1 million NZD is a pub/hotel, a school, a town hall, a railway station, a fire station and 18 houses and with that comes  44 neighbours. 🙂

The current owners Bill and Christine Hennah in front of the hotel.


It’s beautiful up that area, I went as far as Arthur’s Pass once I was on my short but intense New Zealand trip just about a year ago actually. But I wouldn’t live there it’s too secluded…hope someone will though.


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