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29 Mar 2012

Aussie Olympic uniforms

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The Australian Olympic outfits were revealed yesterday, a classic a green and gold uniform. It’s been developed by Adidas and apparently it’s the lightest and fastest team uniform ever worn by the Australian team. Well, some of them aren’t going to wear much at all, so no wonder it’s light.

There’s not much of it. It’s like a little bikini. In a way, it still feels like your skin, so it’s kind of like you are naked. –  World Champion 100m hurdler, Sally Pearson

Adidas will outfit close to 800 Australian athletes and officials during the London Olympics. Sallys’ tiny gold top and green shorts are only two out of the over 80,000 items of apparel and footwear Adidas have developed over the last 18 months.  And here I thought the Olympics was about the sports. Silly me.



27 Sep 2011

London, lovely London!

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We’re back in Sweden, back at work and back in reality again. We finished off the holiday by spending a great couple of days in London. Simon had never been there before and I’ve only been there overnight once back in 1997 so it was a new experience for all of us.

It’s a great city and even though we easily could have spent another couple of days there we still saw a lot and had a great time and the things I’ll remember most from the London experience is all the walking, how the British people love serving fries with almost all meals, the huge Camden Markets, the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral, the views of the city from the London Eye, the very hot subway and the 193 steps up from the subway at Covent Garden station. 🙂

Australian War Memorial at Hyde Park Corner

Big Ben


St Paul’s Cathedral at night

It all came to a end on Sunday though when we had to part ways with Simon’s parents and aunt. After spending two weeks together it was sad to say goodbye but we hope they have a great time on the rest of their trip in Paris and later on their cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Aussies

P.S The countdown to our next meeting in December has officially started. 🙂

More pics from our London trip can be found in the Picasa album below and an update on the rest of the holiday and more photos will follow.

London (2011-09-21 to 2011-09-25)
20 Jul 2011

The Total London Experience

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We decided last week that we’ll be joining Simon’s parents and aunt on their visit to London in the end of September and now Simon’s dad has booked us all in for this ultimate 10 hour day tour – The Total London Experience.

The tour includes;

Sounds nice doesn’t it? Something to look forward to while working all summer.

01 Aug 2010

London links

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Last updated: 2010-08-01

Since we started researching going to London even though it unfortunately turned out we couldn’t go this time we collected all the useful links we came across. We will travel to London at some point so we can use the information then and maybe you can find something useful too if you’re planning on visiting London yourself. Maybe you’re planning a trip in the summer of 2012 for the Olympic Games. 🙂

If you have any tips on things to do and see or other links feel free to comment on the blog post and we’ll add it to the list. Maybe you have a favourite restaurant, café, shop, museum or sight that shouldn’t be missed.
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25 Jul 2010

London in August?

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We’re planning on maybe going to London for a long weekend in the end of August. We’re currently looking at accommodation and it’s a jungle out there. 😛 We don’t want to spend a fortune but at the same time we don’t want to end up too far away from the city centre either.

Any suggestions on where to stay and what to see and do while we’re there?