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29 May 2012

Sweden cufflinks

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The latest addition to Ibolya Vass’ Memories of Sweden range – cufflinks. Love it!

22 May 2012

Spotify, finally in Oz

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Spotify announced yesterday that it’s now possible for everyone Down Under to sign up for this great music service, one of Sweden’s best inventions ever. With Spotify you can search for artists, songs or albums and start playing without having to download the tracks. You can create playlists and share music with friends.

There are three  different plans available, one of them being free but then you have to live with the fact that they play ads every now and then and there is a restriction to the hours you may use the service and how many times you’re allowed to play a track. it gets pretty annoying so I would recommend you to chose either the Unlimited plan for $6.99/month which gets rid of the ads and gives you unlimited usage or the even better  Premium plan (that I have here in Sweden) for $11.99 giving you enhanced sound quality and the possibility to use the service both online, offline and on your computer or mobile as well.

We recommend you to visit the homepage and get on board straight away!


14 May 2012

Absolut Greyhound

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Have a look at this really cool ad promoting the drink Absolut Greyhound from ABSOLUT, featuring new music from Swedish House Mafia.

24 Apr 2012

New banknotes

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In 2015 and 2016 Swedish banknotes and coins will get an updated look. Eight artists and graphic designers have been competing for the honourable assignment to design the new banknotes and today the winner was presented.  Kulturresan – the winning design by Göran Österlund has Astrid Lindgren, Evert Taube, Greta Garbo, Ingmar Bergman, Birgit Nilsson and Dag Hammarskjöld pictured on the new notes.

Kulturresan (or Culture trip in English)  is a proposal for a new series of banknotes that brings our money into the 21st century through the 20th century’s cultural profiles. The idea is to let the banknotes take us on a journey from the Öresund Bridge in the south to Treriksröset in the north. – Göran Österlund

What the coins will look like will not be revealed until later this spring.

Astrid Lindgren, Evert Taube, Greta Garbo, Ingmar Bergman, Birgit Nilsson and Dag Hammarskjöld.

Not familiar with these Swedish cultural icons? Here follows a short introduction.

Read more

03 Apr 2012

How rude, or is it?

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Swedes sometimes express themselves or behave in a way that might be perceived as rude by foreigners. One example is the phrase Excuse me. If someone bumps into you, it is more likely that you will hear oj/oops than ursäkta mig (excuse me). When you are talking to a Swedish person and they do not hear what you have said, you will most likely hear a Va? (What?), not excuse me. This does not mean that Swedes are an extremely rude people, it is just means that the phrase ursäkta mig (excuse me) is not so widely used in Sweden.

Swedes are rather direct people. They get straight to the point and tend to tell you exactly what they are up to. If you are having a coffee with a group of people and one of them is a Swede, do not be surprised if the Swede suddenly stands up and announces  that he is going to the toilet so that the whole group can hear. It is not that he thinks you will all want to know, but that he thinks that it would be rude to just get up and leave. Furthermore, if you are going to say something, tell the truth.

31 Mar 2012

What are Swedes like?

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While browsing the internet on the subject I found some interesting information. Don’t ask me why I did the search in the first place, I mean I should know first hand what Swedes are like, shouldn’t I? I know it’s pretty long but it is pretty funny and has some good points so it can be worth ploughing through.

A Swede is tall, blond, blue-eyed, and wears a woolly hat in the winter. By nature he is shy, reserved, serious, industrious, and finds it hard to laugh at himself. He is also a creature of habit and every morning gets up at 5.30 to give himself enough time to read the morning newspaper before going to work. Since work does not usually start until 8 o’clock, this can only imply that a Swede is also a slow reader. Read more

27 Mar 2012

Pink is my middle name

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Memories of Sweden has released a new colour on the plexi glass bracelets – Midsummer! I’ve been waiting to see what the new colour would be because I really want to buy a bracelet for myself and since pink is one of my absolute favourite colours I think the choice is pretty easy. Though I do love the other colours too. 🙂

06 Mar 2012

Swedish Goodies

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Here comes another tip for Swedes living in Australia or anyone craving some Swedish delicious treats. I’ve found a  site, Swedish Goodies Australia, run by a Swedish mum living on the Gold Coast selling all kind of Swedish food products delivering all over Australia. You can even mix your own Pick & Mix lollie bag, Swedish style. Go have a look!

23 Feb 2012

Like a Swede

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This photo has been around Facebook the last week but  I have to post it here too. Yes, it’s exaggerative but still it’s a little bit true which makes it funny,  even for me as a Swede.

08 Feb 2012


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I know I’ve shared my love for kikki.K before and I just want to express it again. I love the Stockholm range of bags that came last year and when we were down in Australia over Christmas I went in to look at this beauty. I really would love to have the Norrmalm bag as my work bag. Maybe one day…until then I’ll keep on dreaming.

Image borrowed from the kikki.K website