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05 Jul 2010

Coming to life..slowly

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My balcony is slowly coming to life. Half of the things on there I don’t even know what they are since mum gave me heaps of plants and I sort of forgot what she said they were. I know I have tomatoes, chilis, geraniums and a couple of other flowers 🙂


I wrote earlier (HERE) how my orchids really came alive when I went to Melbourne for three weeks. Well one of them is almost tipping over now since the buds are blooming and there are 15(!) flowers on it right now. Before I barely even managed to get my orchids to bloom again after they lost their flowers so this is a big achievement for me 🙂

04 Jul 2010

Swedish inventions and innovations

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Sweden has a strong culture of innovation and here is a mix of some successful Swedish inventions that you probably didn’t even know were Swedish. I’m a bit geeky and I find this stuff very interesting and that’s why I’m sharing it with you. To educate the world is my mission 😛


It should be admitted that the first person obtaining a patent for a zipper was an American. The first construction that could be used for practical purposes, however, was made by the Swedes Peter A. Aronsson and Gideon SundbÀck. In 1913, SundbÀck took out a patent for the new construction, and this model has been used ever since (the only change being that zippers today are sometimes made of plastics).  Read more

03 Jul 2010


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My Saturday didn’t really turn out the way I planned. Yes it’s warm today but a bit windy and absolutely not as sunny as I was hoping, the sun is hiding behind fluffy little clouds. That plus the fact that I woke up with a pounding headache that won’t go away is not a good combination. Good thing though that I decided not to go to Gothenburg this weekend as I was thinking of, would have been no fun with a headache.

At least I started working on my kitchen plans, clean my apartment and do laundry. Plus I got to talk to Simon some more 🙂

02 Jul 2010

Swedish brands

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Even if you think you haven’t come in contact with Sweden before chances are that you actually have without even knowing about it.

Here follows a couple of well known Swedish brands that you probably heard about before:

IKEA the well known chain of furniture stores located all around the world

Read more

02 Jul 2010

Useful links – Sweden

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Last updated 2011-04-07

This used to be in Anna’s old blog but we decided to move it here to make it easier. We’ll continuously update this page with useful links so keep your eyes open for updates. A lot of the information is available both in Swedish and in English but we’ll provide you with links to the English pages (unless stated differently). Read more

01 Jul 2010

What happens now?

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I would say it’s fairly easy to come across information about how to apply for a residence permit and the procedures around that if you make an effort and try to find it, at least compared to the lack of information there is to find on what to do once it’s granted. I’ve started investigating what happens when Simon do arrive in Sweden in August and exactly what it is that we have to do and I’ll tell you this, it’s not that easy. Read more

30 Jun 2010

It could be worse

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I’m just sitting on the train on my way back to Jönköping from Stockholm. Been a couple of intense work days but the weather yesterday was so nice I almost forgot I was there in business not in pleasure. It was a bummer thought that the AC in the office (which has huge glass windows EVERYWHERE, was broken so it was very hot in the conference room). Went to a place called FĂ„fĂ€ngan today for lunch and the view of the city from up there was really nice:

It looked a lot different from when Simon and I was in Stockholm in January that’s for sure. Look at Simon’s pics from his visit to Sweden and Stockholm in December and January 2009/2010 and compare.
30 Jun 2010

One way ticket

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Simon’s booked his flight last night and has resigned from work so now it’s set. He’s departing Melbourne on August 12th for an exciting adventure in Sweden. I’m counting down the days!

29 Jun 2010

How can an Aussie get a job in Sweden?

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We’re in the middle of planning and arranging Simon’s trip over to Sweden and our goal is for him to be here in beginning/mid August. The next step is of course for Simon to try to get a job which seems a bit tricky since he still knows very little Swedish. Read more

28 Jun 2010

A perfect Midsummer…almost

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I ended up having a lovely Midsummer in the archipelago. I took the public boat out to TjÀrö after waiting in line for an hour (was lucky though the queue got longer after I arrived and the boat only took 50 people at the time) and met up with Maria and HÄkan there, they arrived already on the Thursday with their boat to get a good spot.

A weekend filled with lots of boats and people everywhere, no rain in sight and lots of sun, dance around the maypole, the cutest godchild I could ever ask for, good company, yummy food and rosĂ© wine plus one or two schnapps. Nothing to complain about at all except that Simon wasn’t there to share it with me. Missed him a lot! Read more