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31 Aug 2012

SWEA launch

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I went to the Swedish church in Toorak on Wednesday night for the launch of SWEA Melbourne. 70 (!) Swedish women in all ages between 18 and 70 something, everyone with a different life story. Some have, just like me, only recently moved here and others have lived here for years. Some here as students or nannys others more permanently living here. I think SWEA is a great network which I would love to be part of and I look forward to getting to know more awesome Swedes, like Emmy who writes Bortabrabloggen for example. We’ve only been communicating through the blogs and via email before and then on Wednesday we finally meet.


17 Aug 2012


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23 Jul 2012

Melbourne International Film Festival

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In August it’s time for the annual Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). The festival was established in 1952 and is the most significant screen event in Australia. MIFF showcases the best in current cinema from around the world as well as retrospectives, tributes and Talking Pictures discussion programs.

This year the festival is facing north and the Swedish Film Institute and The Melbourne International Film Festival will co-present a special programming strand of Swedish cinema. Facing North: Swedish Cinema in Focus presents an exciting array of new Swedish films and filmmakers, as well as recent unseen and under-seen works from our Nordic neighbours.

As part of Facing North: Swedish Cinema in Focus, we are presenting Criminal Record: Swedish Crime Cinema: From The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to the recent re-imaginings of Wallander, Sweden has become the leading light and dark heart of modern crime stories. Criminal Record examines five Swedish crime classics – A Woman’s Face, While the City Sleeps, The Man on the Roof, Il Capitano and Easy Money – from different eras that have taken the crime scene to the screen.

21 Jul 2012

Älskad syster

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My sister made me cry this morning when she gave me this beautiful bracelet that has älskad syster engraved on it (in English loved sister). I do love my sister and I’ll think of her every time I’ll wear the bracelet. I love it!

21 Jul 2012

Garden egg

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I finally picked up the ceramic decoration egg I made at Maria’s hen party in May, this morning. It was left to be burned and glazed at the shop and have not been ready until now. It didn’t quite turn out the way I imagined but it’s kind of cute anyway. Now it’s sitting in mum’s garden. 🙂

Before the burning and glazing.

After the glazing.

20 Jul 2012

Hanging out with Pippi

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Ella Bella Boll

Today I’ve had a really nice day visiting the Baltic Sea Festival with Pippi Longstocking and her family. 😉 I’ve still heard nothing more from Simon besides the “I made it.” text I received yesterday. Typical guy text by the way, not very informative when it comes to details. 🙂 I hope he’ll get an Aussie number soon so I can get an update. I want to know what’s going on, what our apartment is like, what it feels like to be home, if he has moved in to our place yet and all that other stuff

20 Jul 2012

Summer BBQ

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We’ve been trying to spend time with friends and family before we leave and just so Simon could meet all our friends down here in Karlshamn one more time before he left we had organised to have  a little summer barbecue in mum’s garden last Sunday. We got lucky and had no rain all afternoon and we had a great time.

To see some photos just look under photos/Sweden/Summer BBQ up the top.

20 Jul 2012

In Sweden, we call it summer!

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I’m over the rain! I was hoping Sweden could show me its best side before I leave and treat me with some warm and sunny summer weather. But no, all it does is rain. Every single day! The picture below has been circling around Facebook  lately and has made both one and two Swedes laugh I think so I thought I would share it with you too.

11 Jul 2012

A productive day

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We’ve had (yet another) busy day today. So far we’ve packed some more stuff, bought MDF board for the boxes we planned on building (with we I of course mean Simon) to protect my paintings during transport, built these boxes (and yes I helped), given stuff away to goodwill and sold a TV bench. And the day isn’t even over yet. Such a nice relaxing holiday…or not. 20120711-193909.jpg

10 Jul 2012

Simon made it

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Simon made it both to Ireland and back even with his expired Swedish residence permit. We did end up having a tiny drama leaving Sweden when it was discovered Simon had overstayed his visa here. At least on paper, once the application for an extension is in the permit is extended until a decision is made but since our application hasn’t been processed yet it doesn’t show up in the systems.

In the end the police at the passport check let Simon travel when we explained that we’ve handed in an application for an extension and that we’ve been told that travelling was ok once the application was in (which was what Simon was to when he called up the Migration Board). We had the document from the Migration Board (confirming that the application was registered and the date for that) with us which I think helped.

In the UK, where we transferred flights, and Dublin there was no drama. Entering Sweden again (which we thought might be an issue) went smoothly too. So in the end we were nervous for nothing. 🙂