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24 Nov 2012


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Christmas is only a month away and even though I don’t have exactly have the same Christmas feeling here as I probably would in Sweden this time of the year I’ll try to make my first Christmas living in Australia a nice one, combining the Australian traditions (which basically includes drinking beer and having BBQs, with some Swedish ones). It’s over 30 degrees today so there will be no baking on hot day like this but I would like to make some saffron buns on a less hot day. Only one issue, I have I no idea on where I get saffron from. It might be that you can get it in the supermarket as in Sweden (I haven’t really started investigating this yet) but I thought maybe one of you reader’s have the answer.

24 Nov 2012

One last tour

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That Swedish House Mafia is on their last farewell tour around the world  before these excellent DJ’s split up is not news. We tried to get tickets to their one off Australian show in Sydney in February, last week but failed miserably. Ticketmaster’s website crashed, phone lines jammed and all tickets were gone in minutes. We were pretty upset since we would love to see them one more time after our muddy Dublin experience earlier this year.

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Steve Angello, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso quickly announced that they were working on a solution for all those disappointed fans (including us) that failed to get tickets and on Thursday a second show was announced, in MELBOURNE!! We’re thrilled! The tickets go on sale on Thursday next week and we just HAVE to get tickets.


07 Nov 2012

One of a kind x 2

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After a bit of searching we finally came across the unique Absolut bottles this weekend so now number 151 834 and 1 994 263 are sitting on our shelf ready to be drunk. Not sure what to do with them once they’re empty but time will tell. 🙂


22 Oct 2012


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Speaking to almost the entire family on Skype at the same time plus receiving this photo with Nana in it. Happiness!

Being apart from your family and friends is the toughest part of moving to the other side of the world but it’s nice to at least be able to watch them via Skype almost feeling like you’re in the same room as them.

10 Oct 2012

Beautifully Swedish

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I find it funny but I’m not sure that the humour comes across the right way in Rekorderlig Cider’s new Australian video campaign – Swedish school.

Swedish Cider brand, Rekorderlig, has released its first ever viral video marketing campaign to encourage cider lovers to bring out their ‘inner Swedishness’. The campaign is a series of high quality, humorous films that introduce ‘Swedish School’ to Australia, spearheaded by a fictional character called ‘Olof’


The Swedish cider is very popular down here and very expensive. I can’t really justify buying it knowing it’s so much cheaper back home. But from time to time when I want a taste of home I will. 🙂

20 Sep 2012

Absolut unique

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Absolut Vodka just released a brand new limited range of vodkas – Absolut Unique. 4 million unique bottles have been distributed around the globe and I really would like to get my hands on one of them. The unique designs incorporate 38 different colors and 51 pattern types and not two bottles are the same. The project required a complete re-engineering of the company’s production plant in Sweden. Splash guns were set up and color-generating machines programmed with complex coating, pattern and placement algorithms to ensure that no two bottles are alike. Pretty impressive, well done Absolut.

17 Sep 2012

Fun mail

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13 Sep 2012

Don’t say no, say how

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Home after a very inspiring evening at the kikki.K store in Melbourne Central where it all started back in 2001. Kristina shared the story about how, the now very successful, business started. There are now 83 stores around Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Cool indeed and great to meet some more SWEA women as well. Apparently the big turn up at the launch and great interest in SWEA is a hot topic around the whole SWEA organisation around the world (läs om lanseringen HÄR). Way to go Melbourne! 🙂


05 Sep 2012

Swiden Design

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I discovered something new today – Swiden Design. Swiden Design is an Australian company run by Swedish designer Charlotte Swiden, born and raised in Sweden but now living in Melbourne. Charlotte’s  designs and creative techniques have been greatly influenced by her Swedish heritage and love of nature. I love the newley released Majbritt Silk Scarf above, it’s beautiful.

04 Sep 2012

Holly & Charlotte

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Let me introduce my two companions for the week – Holly & Charlotte. Simon will be heading to Brisbane to visit a friend on Wednesday and he’ll be gone for almost a whole week. It will be strange to be apart again now that we’ve gotten so used to seeing eachother every day. Another friend of ours is also going away for the week and I offered to look after his two adorable little pussy cats. I miss Pollux and Nova heaps and it’s very empty without them so it will be a nice little treat to have them here. They were dropped off last night and they a’re still very shy but hopefully they’ll come around before it’s time for them to go home again on Sunday.