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14 Jan 2011

Status update

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It’s been a while since we posted anything in this category so I thought I would give you a little update on what’s going on. Simon is still attending his Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) classes and doing better and better. We’ve decided that we are going to start practising more at home, actually a request from Simon not me. He feels like he has a pretty good idea of the grammar but is lacking words so vocabulary training is on the agenda.

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07 Nov 2010

Simon tells it like it is

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As promised here are the answers to the questions you’ve asked me.


1. Had you been to Sweden before you moved there in August this year?

Yes once. I was over visiting Anna for a month in December 2009/January 2010. The photos from my trip can be seen HERE. Read more

19 Oct 2010

First day of school

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Simon got a call from ABF VUX last Thursday letting him know he should start school on Monday (yesterday). The woman who called him up spoke Swedish to him first which might seem a bit weird since his taking classes to learn Swedish but I guess it might have been some kind of test. He was told he would get more information sent on his email and guess what, it was in Swedish too! Read more

20 Sep 2010

SFI bonus

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It’s handy to have a sister that works within the social service. 🙂 She called me up yesterday informing me about something she heard from one of her clients. You can get money if you pass some of the Swedish language courses that immigrants can take through SFI. The reason for the bonus is to encourage immigrants to learn Swedish faster and hence get a job faster too. I think it’s a great way to increase the motivation. Read more

02 Jul 2010

Useful links – Sweden

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Last updated 2011-04-07

This used to be in Anna’s old blog but we decided to move it here to make it easier. We’ll continuously update this page with useful links so keep your eyes open for updates. A lot of the information is available both in Swedish and in English but we’ll provide you with links to the English pages (unless stated differently). Read more