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21 Jun 2011

This is not what we signed up for

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I’d like to think I have a pretty positive look on life but sometimes it’s just hard to find the positive things with a situation. Things seemed so positive, Simon getting a job earlier this year and all but the job that we thought was so great has turned out not to be. Simon is in Malmö Monday through Friday working his ass off for way too little money. He has to stay at his boss’ house (it’s of course very nice of him to let him stay there but it’s not a very good situation in the long run). It was suppose to be for a short period of time before he would be placed in Göteborg. That’s the reason why I asked to get transferred to the Göteborg office and that’s why we sold the apartment and are about to move. Now it doesn’t look like he’ll be in Göteborg any time soon. So basically we’re no better off after the move. We’ll be living in a smaller apartment and we’ll still won’t see each other during the week.

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07 Jun 2011

I’ve forgot to tell you

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Those of you who have read the blog for a while know that I’ve mentioned something called Step-in job before (HERE). It’s a grant towards the pay that whoever employs a person granted a residence permit within the past 36 months can apply for. We’ve been told back and forth that Simon was eligible to get the grant and then that he wasn’t.

Well, to make a long story short in the end it turns out that he was eligible and his current employer now recieves the grant from the the Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen).

11 Apr 2011

Same, same but different

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We’ve been holding of sharing the good news until all the papers and that was sorted. But as they’re now signed and ready we can share the fantastic news about Simon’s job. He went for a week of training but it all ended with him being given a great opportunity with a totally different position within the company. They realised what an asset Simon and his knowledge would be to the company and offered him to be part of building up the business from the bottom up with his technical expertise.

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28 Feb 2011

Give us a break

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A couple of weeks ago we shared the good news that Simon finally got a job. One would think that everything would be a lot easier now and that we had no worries in the world but that’s not true. We’ve had endless discussion looking at our financial situation. Can we afford Simon taking the chance on this job given the inital investments needed to get started?

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09 Feb 2011

Simon got the job!

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Good news yesterday. Simon signed a contract with the security company so now he’s officially employed! He will be a sales rep selling surveillance cameras to companies. It’s the same line of work as he used to have in back in Australia but there he worked for the biggest wholesaler not selling to the end customer as he will be doing here. I’m sure he’ll do fine though but understandable he’s a bit worried he won’t make sales. Read more

07 Feb 2011


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Sitter och tittar lite på Jersey Shore innan det är sängdags. Simon är i Göteborg igen hos brorsan för han har ett nytt möte imorgon med företaget han var på intervju hos för ett par veckor sedan. Tanken är att företaget som idag är baserat endast i Malmö ska anställa 15 nya säljare för etablering i västregionen. Efter föregående intervju lämnades han med tre olika lönealternativ att välja mellan (endast fast lön, lön+ provision eller enbart provision). Han skulle återkomma med ett besked om han var intresserad och i så fall vilken löneform han önskade och sedan skulle de fatta ett beslut om vilka personer de ville anställa så vi vet väl inte riktigt vad som är på gång. Vi får se vad som sägs imorgon, det är ju positivt att de vill träffa honom igen så förhoppningsvis kan de komma överrens om något som passar båda parter. Jag ska iaf hålla tummarna att det hela slutar med att Simon får ett jobb, för det är han verkligen värd. Uppdatering kommer! 🙂

25 Jan 2011

Interview time

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 Keep your fingers and toes crossed today for Simon. He has another job interview this afternoon, this time with the surveillance camera company that showed their interest a couple of weeks ago.

14 Jan 2011

Status update

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It’s been a while since we posted anything in this category so I thought I would give you a little update on what’s going on. Simon is still attending his Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) classes and doing better and better. We’ve decided that we are going to start practising more at home, actually a request from Simon not me. He feels like he has a pretty good idea of the grammar but is lacking words so vocabulary training is on the agenda.

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10 Nov 2010

Fingers crossed

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Simon got a call back yesterday regarding a job he applied for. A sales rep job at a camera surveillance company in Göteborg. The company is recruiting through a recruitment company and Simon has an interview with them on Monday next week. Keep all your fingers and toes crossed!

07 Nov 2010

Simon tells it like it is

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As promised here are the answers to the questions you’ve asked me.


1. Had you been to Sweden before you moved there in August this year?

Yes once. I was over visiting Anna for a month in December 2009/January 2010. The photos from my trip can be seen HERE. Read more