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25 Jun 2012

Midsummer weekend

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Midsummer was this weekend and even though we have lots of packing to do we took the time off to go visit friends in Jönköping. It ended up being a really good decision since we had a great time and Simon experienced his first traditional Midsummer celebration. We got lucky with the weather too since the forecast rain didn’t come until in the evening.

The Sunday was spent sorting boxes and packing so not a very exciting end to the weekend. I can’t wait for everything to be packed and ready!

13 Jun 2011

Dumme Mosse

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Monday and another weekend past very quickly. The weather wasn’t great it’s only been 15-20 degrees and there has been some rain. A bit like Australian winter. 🙂

When we were in Kiruna for Cissi & Mackan’s wedding earlier this year our wedding gift to them was “A nature experience and a gourmet dinner“. This was set to take place on Saturday and of course we would have loved for the weather to be a bit nicer but at least we didn’t have rain. The nature experience was a trip to Dumme Mosse just outside Jönköping. It’s a nature reserve and one of the largest wetlands in Sweden (approx. 3 500 ha). We walked the Dumme Mosse trail, played some games on the way and enjoyed a nice picnic with fruits, champagne, cheese and crackers.

Part of Dumme Mosse Trail

Picnic time!

A very wet but happy dog. 

The plan was to have lunch at Dumme Mosse too but the very annoying gnats (in Swedish knott), which is like a small mosquito, drove us inside. After lunch everyone went home for a quick refreshment before we met up again for the gourmet dinner part of the day. Together we cooked a delicious three course dinner (with Simon in charge of the BBQ of course) where the desert was my absolute favourite – Key lime pie with strawberries. Yummy!
09 Apr 2011


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We wanted to do something different today so instead of walking where we normally walk with Pollux we drove to Taberg just outside Jönköping (13 km south) and took a walk there instead. The sun was shining and it was around 10 degrees. There are various ways to get up on the top of the mountain. The least exhausting is of course by car but there are also several hiking paths that lead up to the top and we took one of them instead.

According do the legend, Lake Vättern and the Taberg Valley was created 1.300 million years ago by a huge meteor. It crashed in Askersund, cutting deep into the earth on its way south. Today the meteor is known as Taberg. Not sure how true that is though more likely it has something to do with earthquakes I would say. On the sun warm southeast side of the mountain you’ll supposedly find vegetation that you normally see in the Alps but all we saw today was Blue Anemones, which isn’t too bad on the other hand.


Lots of Blue Anemones in the forest, spring must truly be on it’s way.

Taberg is not just any mountain. The type of rock it consists of (titanium magnetite olivine) can only be found on one more place in the world. Ore mining went on for centuries here and you can also go on a guided tour in the old mine during summer.  There are no tours the rest of the year since Taberg provides a home to nine of Sweden’s 15 bat species and six of these spend the winter inside the mine. In order to protect the mountain from future exploitation, the Swedish Association for the Protection of Nature bought the mining rights in 1986 and the area has been turned into a nature reserve.

View from the top.

At the summit, 343 meters above sea level and 140 meters above the surroundings, there is a restaurant where you can both get lunch and fika. There is also a miniature golf course and of course you can also admire the view, on a day like today extending as far as 70 km away.

And this is what most of the view look like…forest and more forest.


A wet but happy Pollux.

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