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12 Jul 2011

The move

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It’s been quiet here over the weekend since we’ve been very busy moving. We don’t have internet in our new place yet so I have keep you updated during my lunch hours at work. Work, if we start there, has been weird. I got to the office and everyone else is on holiday so it’s all empty. Getting here was easy though, 15-20 minutes from door to door. Maybe riding the tram isn’t too bad after all. Feels a bit strange to be without a car though. Not that I need one, but just knowing that I don’t have one takes some getting used to.

But back to the move. We started out slow on Friday night’s date-night. We had a nice dinner at Jensens Bøfhouse before the movie. I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would. Though it wasn’t worth watching it in 3D I think, the effects weren’t that great. After all that slacking on Friday, Saturday meant more hard work packing. We went to the dump and threw away a whole bunch of stuff and we donated some to charity. I was also supposed to get my bed frame sold. A woman had called earlier in the week and we had arranged for her to come pick it up in the morning. She did come but with a tiny car where there was no chance in hell the frame would fit. So she left saying she would try to get a bigger car. I didn’t want to wait so I called my colleague up who earlier said she was interested in buying it and I sold it to her instead. She even got it home delivered and assembled. Not bad 🙂 Read more

27 Jun 2011


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It’s hard to know what to do here in life. It’s extremely hard, on the edge of impossible, to find a decent rental apartment in a good area in Göteborg so Simon and I are torn between whether we should buy our own place or not. On one side we yearn to have our own place with an outdoor area with a little garden where we can hang, entertain our friends and above all where Simon can barbecue and on the other hand it might be more sensible not to buy due to the fact that we don’t know what our future has in store for us. Read more

30 May 2011

Round 2

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Just had the second open inspection and another 4 couples/families showed up. Seemed to be some interest among them but we’ll see how it goes. The real estate agent will call everyone tomorrow so I’ll have a first update tomorrow night. This is not good for my nerves. 🙂

29 May 2011

One down

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We’re sitting here a bit disappointed after the first open inspection of the apartment. All that effort and cleaning and only 3 couples showed up. A friend of us pointed out that it might have something to do with the fact that it’s Mother’s Day here in Sweden today. Maybe people had plans to go visit their mum or have their kids over. So maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to have the inspection today. Two out of the three couples showed interest though, one of them had been looking at 5 other apartments in the building before and they thought our place was really nice. Another inspection is coming up tomorrow night so we’ll hope for some more people then and hopefully their will be enough interest for some bidding to start on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed!

10 May 2011

The move

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 Well, a thousand thoughts are running through my head. Since I own my apartment here in Jönköping we’ve played around with different scenarios – we could keep the apartment and rent something in Göteborg. Another scenario would be to sell our current apartment and rent something or to sell our current apartment and buy a new place and as you realise from previous posts the last option is they way we’ve decided to go. The problem with that is that I’m the only one who can borrow money from the bank (since Simon isn’t a permanent resident) and the places in Göteborg are more expensive than the ones in Jönköping so we’re not really sure what we’ll be able to buy. We’ll have to see what we can get for the place here and then talk to the bank again about how much we can borrow.

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27 Apr 2011

Big changes ahead

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I’ve been dying to share the good news with you all and now I just have to before I burst. We’re moving to Göteborg/Gothenburg! Since Simon is going to be placed at his company’s office in Göteborg shortly (still not sure when exactly) I asked if I could transfer to our sales office in Göteborg. I won’t get into details but it took a while to get a reply but in the end of last week I got an ok. So as soon as our living arrangements are sorted and my new desk has arrived at the office in Göteborg I can move. Easy peasy, hey!?

It’s so much to think of and organise and on top of that both Simon and I are extremely busy at work right now. Him being away all week is not good. Not only do I miss him a lot of course and it’s empty without him, I also get bored at night and end up working way too much. But right now I’m at the stage where I’m just drained and tired (and this just three days after the four day Easter weekend). I think I’ll try to forget about work tonight, pamper myself a bit and go to bed early.