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13 Mar 2012

Spring is in the air

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The sun is shining. The sky is blue. Can one hope that spring is here?


09 Mar 2012


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I love going to the hairdresser. It’s always very relaxing, my own special pampering time. Yesterday I did go and I did enjoy it. I didn’t expect it to take 3 hours though. The hair is still long and blonde but I’m happy with the result. I’ve written before that one of the worst thing about moving I feel is finding your own local hairdresser that you’re happy with. It was the second time I went to Emelie at Götafrizzorna and it was the second time I left happy and satisfied with the result so I think I’ve found mine in Göteborg.

24 Feb 2012

Smokey Joe

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We’re prepared. Spring can come whenever he/she wants now because yesterday, Smokey Joe moved in.

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20 Feb 2012


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We had our first BBQ for the year last night at my brother’s.  Beautiful lamp chops served with Jamie Oliver’s lovely potatoes dressed with chilli and feta cheese. Yummy!

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21 Jan 2012


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We had a big surprise at the airport on Friday arvo when we arrived. We thought my brother would pick us up but instead mum and Bo decided to come up and welcome us. They had Pollux with them at the airport and he was very happy to see us, jumping straight up in our arms. We also had a cleaned apartment waiting for us as well as dinner cooked so after a shower and some food we were ready for bed….at 8pm. 🙂

04 Aug 2011

When in Gothenburg

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Over 20 bridges and out into the harbor, the classic tour with the Paddan boats shows off the beauty of Gothenburg from the water.

29 Jul 2011

One down

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As I mentioned earlier the ceiling height in our new apartment is a lot higher than in our old one so the curtains looked really funny when I hung them. Yesterday I bought new ones for the bedroom. They were of course too long so I had to bring out my good old friend the sewing machine. So now we have curtains in one out of three windows. Picture of the final result later on.

28 Jul 2011

Moving on

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Things are starting to look better and better in the apartment so soon I might even dare to put up a pic or two of it. This week Simon has actually worked from home for three days so for the first time in months we’ve been like a normal couple living together. Such a treat to come home from work and have Simon there being able to spend time together in the arvo. We even got to go out and have dinner last night. But even though it’s getting better and better in our new place I still miss my old apartment.

I miss the space, I miss the balcony but most of all I miss the kitchen. Our new kitchen is tiny in comparison. When you want to reach something in a cupboard you always have to move ten other things out of the way first and there is not enough bench space. Even the sink is too small, you can’t even put a plate down properly which get’s annoying when you’re doing the dishes. Which leads me up to another thing I really miss…the dishwasher. I know I shouldn’t complain but if you go from something great to something not equally great you’re allowed to be a sook, at least for a little bit. I promise I’ll stop. Soon. Read more

19 Jul 2011


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I ditched work early today to meet up with Erica, Jonas and Emilia instead. They were in town for the day and was going to go to Universeum, the big science center here in Göteborg so I joined them. I never been there before and I’ve wanted to go for a long time plus it was nice to catch up with Erica. I mean after all it was almost 2 weeks since I moved from Jönköping and last saw her. 🙂

Universeum is Scandinavia’s largest science center and it has both an Ocean Aquarium with exotic fishes, sharks and rays as well as native Swedish fishes, an exhibition of poisonous snakes, a rainforest zone as well as a couple of temporary exhibits. I can recommend you to visit if you get a chance, a perfect attraction on a rainy day for example. Read more

18 Jul 2011

BBQ, pavlova and new furniture

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It’s been such a busy weekend I didn’t even get the chance to try out my mobile internet yesterday but now I’m back online again and it feels great. I feel half without my internet connection, without my blog, Facebook and my twitter. 😛

Saturday started early, we had the laundry booked for 7am. So much for sleeping in. We’re used to having our own laundry machine and being able to book the common laundry room with short notice. That’s all over. now! Now we have only the common laundry room at our disposal and it’s hard to get a time with short notice, especially since we need to do washing every weekend when Simon is home. Read more