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17 Apr 2012


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The national day of remembrance, ANZAC day, is coming up next Wednesday (April 25). The day is commemorated each year by Australia and New Zealand, originally to honour the members of the Australia/New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC), troops sent to Gallipoli (Turkey) during World War I. Nowadays though, the day has become a day for commemorating all those who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.

On ANZAC day, ceremonies are held in towns and cities across the nation to acknowledge the service of the veterans and I think the Shrine of Remembrance is the place to go to do so in Melbourne. The Shrine of Remembrance (seen in the photo above) is Victoria’s largest and most visited war memorial and it’s located near the Royal Botanic Gardens just south of the CBD.

Ode of Remembrance

The phrase above is part of British Laurence Binyon‘s poem For the Fallen, which was first published in 1914. The poem honoured the World War I British war dead of that time and the poem has, among the Commonwealth, become know as the Ode of Remembrance . The verse above is read at dawn services and other ANZAC tributes and in Australia the line Lest we forget is often added to the end of the ode, which is repeated in response by those listening.

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

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14 Apr 2012

ANZAC bikkies

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I’ve had the entire day to myself today since Simon has been in Helsingborg with the Berserkers for a pre-season footy game. Apparently he twisted his ankle pretty bad only 5 min into the game though so I think he’ll need some TLC tonight when he comes back home.

I’ve spent the day relaxing, uploading some more photos up here in the blog (go check them out), doing laundry, going into the city for some shopping and baking my first batch ever of ANZAC biscuits. Lucky I have the perfect tin to put them in thanks to Carolyn and Ken. Now I just have to pack my bag for tomorrow, I’m off to a very early start leaving for Frankfurt at 5.30am.:)


13 Apr 2012


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05 Apr 2012

Bring on Easter

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I’m more than ready for a long weekend. So come on, bring on Easter!


01 Apr 2012

Speaking of running

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Simon and I actually went on our first run together today, though we did walk a fair bit of the 7 km too because of me I must admit. My fitness is not what it should be. But if you never start doing something about it that will never change.

Simon at Löplabbet trying out new runners.

31 Mar 2012

Lazy Saturday

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We’re having a lazy Saturday morning here today and it feels great, just what I needed after this last week. Made an omelette breakfast and Simon just watched the Crows beat Gold Coast in their first footy match for the season.  I’m sitting here sipping on my coffee about to pay the bills so in other words no reason to complain so far.

25 Mar 2012

Clear view

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One of the downside to living close to a busy street in in city is that the windows get really dirty, very quickly. Washing windows isn’t exactly my favourite thing to do but seeing the result makes it worth it. Hopefully it will last, at least for a little bit.



25 Mar 2012

Morning walk

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It was a little bit chilly on my morning walk today but the sun was out and the sky was blue so it has great potential to be a really nice Sunday.

There are signs of spring all over the place now so it won’t be long until it’s all green and lush. I can’t wait!


24 Mar 2012

Busy day

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A rather grey Saturday here in Göteborg today but it’s been a busy one. We started off the morning meeting up with the AFL team here in Göteborg (the Göteborg Berserkers) for a brekkie and a live screening of the opening game of the 2012 AFL season. Not the most interesting game between the Giants and the Swans but still enjoyable. Simon stayed after the game with the rest of the team since they were going to kick some balls themselves after but I went home instead. I did make a stop on the way though at Löplabbet where I bought myself a pair of running pants. I noticed I’ve been deprived my entire life running in normal trackies. What a difference it was to run in these. So comfy it almost made my jog at Skatås enjoyable. But only almost. 🙂

23 Mar 2012

Löningshelg & solsken

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Solen sken över Göteborg idag och det var dags för löning. Självklart att det blir kö till Systemet då, eller?!