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13 Dec 2013

Lucia For Dummies

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It’s finally here, December 13th! A very special day, not only do I step on board my flight this afternoon and head to Sweden, today is also the day when Swedes around the world celebrate Lucia, a tradition that might seem weird to most non-Swedish people but makes perfect sense to all Swedes. You can get a crash course on what it’s all about below. 🙂 It’s also Friday today, don’t ask me why I chose to travel on this day. Lucky I’m not superstitious. See you on the other side folks. Sweden here I come!

18 Aug 2013

New maternity leave scheme

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The Australian election is coming up next month and today the opposition leader Tony Abbott revealed a new controversial maternity scheme. The Coalition’s scheme will provide mothers earning up to $150,000 with 26 weeks (6 months) of paid parental leave, at their actual wage or the national minimum wage (whichever is greater), plus superannuation (to a maximum of $75,000). Fathers will be eligible for two weeks out of the 26 weeks with the same conditions. In contrast, Labor’s parental leave scheme is paid at 18 weeks minimum wage (a maximum of $11,200). The new scheme will apply for each baby born after July 1, 2015 under an Abbott government.

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17 Jun 2013

Midsummer for Dummies

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No, I’ve not stopped blogging I’ve just had another little break. It’s back in business again and with Swedish Midsummer just around the corner I’ve found this useful little videoclip to get you prepared.

Swedish Midsummer for Dummies from Intellecta Corporate on Vimeo.

29 Mar 2013

Happy birthday Pollux

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It’s Pollux’s 8th birthday today. I really miss him and wish he was here even though I know he’s fine at my dad’s.


01 Jan 2013


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I discovered something new today, IKEA in Adelaide has pick & mix lollies (in Swedish lösgodis). IKEA in Melbourne doesn’t, how unfair is that?! I believe it has to do with the fact that the Australian IKEA stores are different franchise businesses. I discovered this when I tried to use a gift voucher I have from back home but couldn’t since it was purchased in Melbourne. Apparently Adelaide and Perth belong to one franchise and the rest of them to another. That explains why the map on the IKEA website looks like below. 🙂

All of a sudden it also makes sense why the chest of drawers that I went to IKEA to buy (because it was sold out back home) was on sale in Melbourne when we went there before Christmas and not in Adelaide. Luckily enough it ended up being included in the after-Christmas sale here in Adelaide though so I got the discount in the end anyway.


All these lollies and I didn’t even buy any….didn’t want to start of the new year being bad. I regret it now. (Though it was expensive $23/kg I think which is about 160 kr.)

24 Dec 2012

JulhÀlsning till Sverige

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Som bekant firas ju julen inte förrĂ€n imorgon hĂ€r pĂ„ andra sidan jordklotet ( fast vi kör dubbelt firande). Det Ă€r ju helt fel förstĂ„s men jag tĂ€nkte att jag skulle vĂ€nta lite innan jag talar om det australierna, vill inte förolĂ€mpa dem riktigt Ă€nnu. 😉

Jultraditionerna Ă€r vĂ€ldigt annorlunda hĂ€r (har ju skrivit lite mer om det i ett gammalt inlĂ€gg HÄR) och mĂ„nga av skillnaderna Ă€r ju förknippade med vĂ€dret. Inget mysande framför brasan inte, det Ă€r ju inte direkt nödvĂ€ndigt nĂ€r det Ă€r nĂ€rmare 30 grader ute. Snö fĂ„r vi klara oss utan ocksĂ„ men i sanningens namn brukar vi ju fĂ„ göra det i Sverige ocksĂ„, det Ă€r ju faktiskt bara de senaste jularna nĂ€r Kung Bore förĂ€rart oss med vita jular, iaf i södra Sverige.

Oavsett var och nÀr ni firar er jul vill jag passa pÄ och skicka er en julhÀlsning. Hoppas ni fÄr ett underbart firande med bÄde god mat, dryck och gott sÀllskap.

jenny nystrom tomte

15 Dec 2012

10 good things to know about Sweden

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11 Dec 2012

Special moment

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Last night felt like a special night, special enough to bring out the treasured Swedish chocolate at least! A taste of heaven! 🙂

04 Dec 2012


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The first glögg of the year has just been tasted at our house. It smelled amazing, tasted alright (not the best glögg I’ve ever had) and it was dark outside so I pretended it was winter instead of summer (I’m blonde so it worked). In other words, quite a success, but I did miss the pepparkaka and lussebulle 🙂

04 Dec 2012


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LÀngtan efter typiskt svenska saker Àr kanske lite större just runt jul, iaf Àr det sÄ för mig. Julen Àr min absoluta favorithögtid och det finns sÄ mÄnga saker som jag förknippar med jul- och adventsfirande. Jag försöker göra sÄ gott jag kan för att Äterskapa de traditioner jag kan men eftersom vÄra saker vi skickat inte hunnit anlÀnda blir det lite provisoriskt i Är.

För de som inte har snĂ€lla vĂ€nner och familj som skickar ner lite svensk mat och pynt tĂ€nkte jag ge lite tips pĂ„ nĂ„gra onlinebutiker dĂ€r du kan hitta sĂ„nt som Ă€r svĂ„rt att fĂ„ tag i utomlands. Kanske ni vet ni om ytterligare nĂ„gon, dĂ„ fĂ„r ni gĂ€rna tipsa oss. 🙂