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24 May 2011

Not as planned

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This weekend didn’t really turn out the way I planned it. I was suppose to get back from my business trip on Sunday night around 8 pm but instead due to servere weather conditions my plane got cancelled and I spent hours and hours at the airport in Copenhagen and was home at 3 am instead. So Simon and I got no time together at all this weekend and yesterday morning he left again to go to Malmö and work. It really sucks being apart and I hope things will change soon. But to be positive I’m glad I got home alright and that the ash cloud from Grímsvötn didn’t affect my travel. Isn’t it a bit weird that a new vulcano in Iceland errupts almost exactly a year after Eyjafjallajökull by the way?

Anyway I was pretty upset when I realised that I would get delayed given that I’ve spent the whole weekend working (even though it was a pretty pleasant kind of work) and that this meant I had no time at all with Simon so I decided to take the day off yesterday to at least rest up. I didn’t do much all day and it felt really good.

I’m not going to give you a long recap of the trip to Spain, I’ll just show you some pics and give a warm recommendation to visit Spain. Just make sure you catch up on your Spanish before because the Spanish people are lousy at English. Read more

19 May 2011


1 Comment Segovia

Just about to head out for some tapas in Valladolid but just thought I share today’s top experience with you. We arrived in Madrid and went from there by bus to Valladolid with a stop for lunch in beautiful Segovia. Segovia is mostly know for it’s aqueduct that’s located in the middle of the town. It’s a small town with just over 53 000 inhabitants but it’s well worth a visit. We had lunch at what I assume is the best restaurant in town – Mesón de Cándído. Their speciality is their piglets that they serve whole on a tray and during a theatrical ceremony cut up with a plate that is then thrown on the floor just to prove it’s just a normal plate. Very different and surprisingly tasty. Not sure I’d liked having the poor piglets whole leg on my plate though. 😛

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05 Nov 2010

Reflections of Spain

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I got back from Spain late Wednesday night and even if it was work all day long and not really any time to explore the country I just want to share some of my reflections that I have after my first visit ever to this nice country.

  • I say first visit even though I’ve been to Mallorca (one of the Balearic Islands east of the mainland) twice, since Spanish people don’t consider the islands to really be a part of Spain even if they are. =)
  • The taxi drivers in Madrid drive like maniacs (at least a lot of them). Read more
02 Nov 2010

Quick visit to Spain

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It’s an intense week this week for me workwise at least and I’m off to an extremely early start this morning since my plane to Madrid via Amsterdam leaves at 6.25am. Good thing I spent the night at the airport hotel here in Gothenburg and only have 200 meters to the check in desk =). I wish it was a pleasure trip but it’s all work and there will be no time for play. It’s just a quick visit down to a supplier in Valladolid – down today and back in Sweden again tomorrow night. But still, I’m not complaining, after all Spain is always Spain.