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23 Feb 2011

Lake Iseo

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We stopped for a little photo session on the way from the office to the hotel this evening. Even if it’s quite cold, no +17 degrees like in Valladolid and Madrid, it’s very beautiful. We’re staying at a hotel in the town of Iseo, Iseolago, which is located by Lake Iseo or Lago d’Iseo. I’m sure it’s absolutely beautiful here in summer. This time of the year it seem to be quite foggy and cold, but at least there is no snow and not as cold as in Sweden (was -20 when we left on Sunday). Been another busy day today and just having a couple of minutes to get ready for dinner. Even if it’s nice to be away like this I’m looking forward to getting home tomorrow night…..late tomorrow night!

19 Feb 2011

Hasta luego!

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Simon will be a grass widower (a Swedish saying for when your spouse is away for a short period of time) until Thursday night since I’ll be going on a business trip to Valladolid (Spain) and Corte Franca (Italy) next week, leaving tomorrow morning. We’re visiting two of our suppliers for some product training and updates.

It will be my second trip to Spain (since I was there visiting the same supplier back in November) and my first time ever in Italy. Too bad it has to be a business trip and not a pleasure trip. 😛

Since I’m the one doing all the blogging, the blog will probably be pretty quiet until I’m back but I’ve actually pre made a couple of blog posts set to be posted automatically while I’m gone and maybe I can try getting the mobile blogging function to work (whenever I try the posts always ends up in the wrong blog) and give you an update or two on the way.

Well I better prepare, just downloaded two handy cheat sheets (pdf files from Lonely Planet) in Spanish and Italian so I better start practising. Una cerveza grande, por favour. 😛