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13 Jun 2012

Made in Bali

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I had a package to pick up today, a package from Amsterdam containing this little souvenir bike. Why, you might ask yourself and I’ll tell you why. It’s a pretty funny story (at least in retrospect). 20120612-191929.jpgWe decided to buy this souvenir bike when we were in Amsterdam in April. We thought it was pretty cool since there are a lot of people on bikes there and it said Amsterdam on the chain guard. Instead of getting the display bike we got one from the back of the store that was already wrapped and ready. Great, since we were travelling. Imagine our surprise and disappointment when we got home, opened the package and saw that instead of saying Amsterdam on the chain guard it said – Made in Bali! Not exactly what we wanted.

I contacted the store over the phone and after some explaining of my dilemma I was asked to send the bike back and they would send us a new one in return. So we did and yesterday the new one arrived. Now we have a souvenir and a funny story to go with it.

05 May 2012

Photos Amsterdam

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I haven’t had time to write about our great weekend in Amsterdam yet but I’ve put up some photos for you to have a look at. They can be found under Photos/Europe up the top or just click on the link below.


02 May 2012

Weed pass

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If  you’re planning on going to Amsterdam and would like to pay one of the world famous coffee shops a visit you’re soon out of luck. The Dutch government have introduced a weed pass to prevent tourists from buying marijuana in coffee shops in the whole country.

The new law is designed to cut the numbers of drug tourists who, some residents had complained, were creating nuisances like traffic jams and an increase of hard drug dealers on the streets.

The change in the law is also designed to reduce cross-border crime caused by foreigners coming to the Netherlands to buy their drugs then returning to sell them illegally at home.

All Dutch Coffee shops will become members only clubs and will have a limited memberships, 2 000 Dutch citizens over the age of 18 per shop. The new law is already in place in the southern parts of the Netherlands and will spread to the rest of the country (including Amsterdam) next year.


27 Apr 2012

Keukenhof Gardens

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We’re off to Amsterdam tomorrow morning. Yeay! Unfortunately it seems like there will be some rain over the weekend but hopefully it won’t be too bad. At least the forecast predicts the temperatures to be around 18 degrees Celsius which would be a nice change.

The Netherlands are famous for its tulips and I’ve found that Keukenhof Gardens is a very good place to go if you want a look up close, especially during this time of the year. More than 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are supposedly in full bloom in the garden right now. If you, like us, stay in Amsterdam apparently the fastest and easiest way to go there is by booking a half day tour with either Lindbergh or Keytours. That’s definitely something I would like to do, we’ll see if I’ll get someone to join me. 🙂

19 Mar 2012

Weekend trip – Amsterdam

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It feels like we’re on a roll right now when it comes to weekend trips. This previous weekend was spent in Stockholm and in the end of April we have a trip to Amsterdam booked in together with two of my high school friends and their husbands. I’ve been in Amsterdam once before for a short visit while on a work trip but that was during winter so it will be nice to pay a visit during spring. Plus it also happens to be a national holiday when we’re there too. On April 30th Queen’s Day (in Dutch; Koninginnedag) is celebrated in Amsterdam which is the city’s biggest street festival. As far as I understand it there will be heaps of people in Amsterdam many of them wearing orange and the city will be filled with different flea markets since Koninginnedag is the one the of the year when the Dutch government permits sales on the street without a permit and without the payment of tax. It will be interesting to say the least and we’re looking forward to our trip.