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13 Jul 2010

Bargain opportunity

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Gym weight bench, bars, dumbells and weights (Item number: 260634811489)SOLD!

I’ve been sorting out my stuff in the house and put up a couple of items for sale on eBay. An opportunity to make real bargains. For more information and pics go have a look at my auctions – click on the photos to go directly there.

3 x IKEA Bar Stools with backrest
(Item number:260634840715)SOLD!

Corner couch
(Item number: 260634831597) SOLD!

3 piece Sofa Couch
(Item number: 260634827499)SOLD!

2x IKEA POÄNG chairs
(Item number: 260634822656) SOLD!

12 Jul 2010

House sorted

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It was off to a cool start once Simon put the house out on the market which I thought was a little strange since it is a very nice house. But this weekend he had a couple of people looking at it. One of the guys turned out to be a customer at Simon’s company, he was very keen and handed in an application straight away. It all got sorted today so now Simon is renting out the house to him from July 26. That is in only two weeks so he’ll be a busy bee sorting everything out before then and it also means he has to crash at friends houses for a week before he goes back to Adelaide to spend time with his family on August 1. Another big burden lifted from our shoulders, mostly Simon’s of course since he’s been worrying about it a lot. It would have been a pain if the house wasn’t rented out when he came over to Sweden. He needs the income that the rent gives him. 🙂

Anyway, the guy even wanted to buy one of the beds of him and his washing machine. That’s a strange thing by the way the fact that you in Australia rent out your house/apartment with light fittings but not with for example a fridge and washing machine. How weird is that, in Sweden we do the opposite.  😛

18 Jun 2010

Photos Melbourne 2009

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Since we’re starting fresh with this new blog I’m trying to collect my photo’s from my Anna’s Australia blog so they easily can be reached from this blog too without spending time moving them. You’ll reach this blog post under the Photos scrollbar and the link is named Anna’s time in Melbourne 2009.

Melbourne Zoo (2009-05-30)
Wilsons Prom (2009-06-07)
Brighton (2009-06-13)
Great Ocean Road
Sovereign Hill, Ballarat (2009-07-12)
Great Ocean Road II (2009-07-19)
Wine tasting tour Yarra Valley (2009-07-25)
Bendigo (2009-08-07 to 2009-08-09)
Daytrip along the bay (2009-08-23)
Cox Plate Races (2009-10-24)
10 Sep 2009

BIG problems

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I have big problems right now regarding my Swedish bank. The bank security device used to give me a code that I need to log in to my internet banking went flat (without any warning). Change the batteries would have been an easy solution but unfortunately that doesn’t work on my device (I tried it with the result being the device being reset.) You have to go into the bank office and change the whole device.

I used to have phone banking as well so I tried calling that and tried to enter what I thought was my pin code just to find out it had expired. Apparently the codes have been changed from 4 digits to 5 digits lately and if you didn’t use the service during a transition period and changed your code the old one was expired (this has probably been taking place while I’ve been here). Give me a break!! Read more