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29 Jul 2011

To do in Oz #5

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If I get the chance I would love to go visit Kangaroo Island just outside Adelaide. Kangaroo Island is the third largest island in Australia and it has a rich wildlife and beautiful nature.

24 Nov 2010

Adelaide Christmas Pageant

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Something special took place in Adelaide last Saturday – the Credit Union Christmas Pageant 2010. The parade is an annual event, actually the largest event of its kind in the world, attracting crowds of over 400,000 and televised to millions more. Families flock to the route early in the morning to join in the Christmas spirit, watch the amazing parade of storybook floats, listen to the marching bands, and to wave at Father Christmas.

The Adelaide Christmas Pageant was founded by Sir Edward Hayward, owner of the Adelaide department store John Martin’s, who was inspired by the Toronto Santa Claus Parade and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It begun back in 1933 with just eight horse drawn floats and four bands but the event has grown and this year it had 75 sets including 57 floats, 14 bands, dancing groups, clowns and walking sets. More than 1,700 people made up the characters, dancers, musicians and drivers in this year’s pageant.

This year a Guinness World Record was set too, the spectators broke the record for the largest group of carol singers singing Christmas carols at the same time. They set a record of over 9100 carol singers, breaking the previous record of 7541 set in the USA, back in 2004.

07 Nov 2010

Nov. 7 2010

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Plenty of vineyards in Australia, this photo is taken in the McLaren Vale Wine Region outside Adelaide. (Australia)

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31 Oct 2010

Oct. 31 2010

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The jetty in Port Noarlunga, Adelaide. (Australia)

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16 Sep 2010

Hipp Hipp Hurra!

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And a Swedish Grattis på födelsedagen Melissa from me too! Hope you’ll have an awesome birthday! 🙂
01 Jul 2010

Plague Locust preparation

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There are so many weird or should I maybe say different animals in Australia. Just read in an Australian newspaper about the Plague Locust, a native Australian insect who’s causing trouble for farmers destroying the crops. The big swarms of locusts can also cause problems for the aviation and cause saftey concerns on the roads. It is an annual problem but this year it’s threat is said to be the most serious locust plague in South Australia in close to 40 years. Earlier this year there were swarms of locusts passing through the outback the size of Spain!

I would call this little creepy animal a grasshopper, but what do I know ;). The are quite big, that I know, they range in size from 20 to 45 mm in length and the colour varies from brown to green. And one locust can lay up to 500 (!) eggs, and that is what is currently causing the state government to announce a $ 12.8 million funding package to fight the plague before the eggs hatch in spring and tens of billions of hoppers start spreading. The package includes money to pay for extensive aerial spraying in some regions and a rebate scheme for chemical purchases by farmers in some.

If your interested in reading more about the locusts look HERE (pdf).

22 Sep 2009


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Another eventful weekend has past this one spent in Adelaide visiting Simon’s family. Since the flights were so expensive we decided to drive there which in real life means 8 hours in the car covering a distance of about 730 km. We had Friday off so we left straight after work on Thursday, stocked up on lollies and drinks and arrived tired in Adelaide around 1.30 am.

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