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06 Apr 2013


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A holiday with us is never boring. Right now we’re sitting at the airport waiting for our flight that has been delayed. At least we have a flight now, our original flight was cancelled.

We checked in this morning and everything was fine so we went and got ourselves some brekkie. When we got to the gate we noticed that our flight wasn’t on the screen which worried us. Instead we found our flight number on a different gate for a flight departing an hour later. A couple of minutes later there was a message informing us that the flight was cancelled and we were asked to proceed to the service desk to re-schedule our tickets so we did.

We stood in line at the service desk waiting and when our turn was up we then were informed that we had to proceed to the check in desk instead if we were on the cancelled Cairns flight. Annoyed we then ended up last in line again. After another wait we were then given new directions again, we had to collect our checked-in baggage before we could be re-scheduled on a new flight. Really annoyed at the lack of information we did as we were told. We then found out from other passengers that different rules apparently applied for different people, some already managed to re-schedule their flights before they had to collect their luggage. Luckily we actually got through to a staff member at the check-in desk that gave us some service and we managed to get on the next flight.

Our theory is that Jetstar had two half empty flights leaving for Cairns within an hour so they decided to cancel one if them to consolidate.

This might not have been as bad if it wasn’t for the poor service and lack of information. I guess you get what you pay for, cheap flight – cheap service.

We’re not impressed and I’ll be avoiding flying Jetstar in the future if I can.

05 Apr 2013

Random meetings

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Life is random at times. Today while walking through the Rocks we just happened to ran into Anders who runs Swedes in Australia.

We’ve never met in real life before, only had communication through the blog and Facebook. We didn’t organize to meet either we just happened to be browsing for lunch at the Friday food stalls in the Rocks at the exact same time. What are the odds of that happening? I would say pretty slim. 🙂

Either way it was nice meeting and I now have a story to tell how I, the foreigner from Sweden who just moved here, randomly ran into a person I knew in Sydney of all places. A pretty good story if you ask me.

04 Apr 2013

Rain, rain and more rain

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I can’t believe our luck! It has done nothing but rain since we got here yesterday. It’s apparently the wettest start to April in 14 (!) years. I’m so happy we’re here to experience it. 😛

At least the rain stopped long enough today so we could see both the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and some of the botanical garden before it begun again. You have to be happy with whatever you get, however little it may be. 🙂
It’s hard to find enjoyable indoor activities but we thought the rainy weather made it perfect for taking a guided tour of the Opera House. Since there was two shows on at the time we would have had limited access to the stages, so we gave it a miss.

Instead we stopped for a drink at the Opera Bar. Eating and drinking is a good rainy day activity. Today for example we have enjoyed a great breakfast at Le Monde in Surry Hills and had magnificent award winning pizzas and tasty mojitos at Hugos Bar Pizza in Kings Cross (even better was that they are only $10 on Thursdays). Both of the places are highly recommended!

If the bad weather keeps up there is a great risk we’ll all come back home looking like meatballs. 😉

23 Mar 2013

Ellen fever

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Australia has Ellen fever right now as popular talkshow host Ellen Degeneres, does an Oprah. 🙂 Even though Ellen is married to Portia De Rossi who’s Australian (born in Horsham and grew up in Geelong) she has never set her foot in the country before. Isn’t that a bit strange?

Ellen and Portia landed yesterday and are spending the first few days in Sydney. Where they head after that I don’t actually know, I would assume they would head down this way to go see Portia’s family but who knows. I don’t really care that much to tell the truth. 🙂

01 Jan 2012

One year

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I would like to bee in Sydney for New Year’s Eve and watch the fireworks ove the Sydney harbour live. But until then I can always watch the show on tv since it’s broadcasted there each year. 🙂

11 Sep 2011

A trip down memory lane

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Today, two years ago, was the day when I saw this beauty for the first time. 🙂

It was our first holiday together and we had a great couple of days in Sydney.

A weird bird, still no idea of the name of it. Check out his head! Read more

01 Aug 2011

August 1 2011

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Sydney CBD as seen from Harbour Bridge. (Australia)

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09 Jul 2011

July 9 2011

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Sydney (Australia)

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07 Jul 2011

July 7 2011

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Beautiful flowers in Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. (Australia)

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06 Jun 2011

Vivid Sydney 2011

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Just read that there is a festival going on in Sydney right now – Vivid Sydney. Every day, until June 13, at 6pm the city is transformed into a spectacular canvas of ligh with 3D light projections on the sails of the Opera House, free outdoor exhibition of interactive light sculptures, performances from local and international musicians and night markets. A little far for us to travel to see it but if you’re in the area it’s probably worth having a look. 🙂