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17 Dec 2012

My home, our home

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We spent the entire weekend unpacking boxes, washing clothes, and putting stuff away. The apartment looked like a bomb hit it! Everything except 3 wine glasses and a lollie bowl was whole so we’re very happy with that. We still have some things to store away but we have to organise our storage spaces more in order to do so. Silly things like being able to drink my coffee from my Filippa K cups, put up my chandelier made me smile and I can’t wait to get my paintings up on the walls! Even though they’re might be insignificant things they’ all make our apartment feel more like my home, like our home.


It was wonderful to unpack my stuff but doing so brought back many memories and I felt both happy and a bit sad. Christmas approaching, having my stuff arrive and missing out on my brother’s wedding in the same week must have made my brain overload because the last couple of nights I’ve been having strange dreams about my family, friends, Pollux and Nova. I rarely remember my dreams so doing so several nights in a row is a bit weird.

14 Dec 2012

It’s here!!

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Our stuff from Sweden were (finally) delivered this morning. The apartment is a mess but it seems like it’s all here. Let the unwrapping and unpacking begin. Keep your fingers crossed it’s all in one piece.


23 Nov 2012

Mare Arcticum

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I’m starting to understand why our shipment is taking so long to arrive. Apparently our consignment is no longer on MSC Ravenna, it’s actually docking Melbourne on Mare Arcticum. I have no idea where it was transferred but transshipments do take longer than the direct shipments so it’s starting to make sense. But late or not, our ship has left its first Australian port (Sydney) and will dock in Melbourne on Monday! Since we have a LCL and not a full container we’ll then have to wait 10-14 days for custom clearance (for which we’ve been charged an additonal fee of $187 by the way). It will be so nice to have our stuff FINALLY arrive, I can’t wait!

09 Nov 2012

MSC Ravenna

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I’m amazed about how much information can be found on internet. I know it’s the 21 st century just get over it but the other week for example after finding out the vessel name on the ship taking our consignment down to Melbourne Igoogled the name found both a pic of the ship and lots of other information which was pretty cool. I could see that the last known location was outside Sri Lanka’s coast

MSC Ravenna the Liberian registered 366 m long and 51 meter wide containership built in 2011 taking our belongings down under. Top speeed 14.1 knots/average speed 13.9 knots

Less cool was finding out when in contact with the local freight forwarder here in Melbourne that the shipment is delayed and new ETA into dock in Melbourne is now 25th of November. Then the approximate 10 days to clear customs have to be added on top of that before we actually have our stuff here. It’s taking a freaking long time if you ask me, I just want my stuff to come NOW! Yes, I’m getting unpatient, who wouldn’t.

I moved to Australia July 25, our consignment was picked up from Gothenburg August 24 and driven to the UK. It was loaded onto a ship a month later on September 28 and it has now been on the water 42 days and there is then apparently another 16 to go. 🙁

28 Sep 2012

Packed and loaded

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Our stuff was loaded onto the boat on Wednesday and has now finally left the UK. ETA Melbourne 18th of November. I can’t wait and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed nothing is broken, missing or damaged in any way when it arrives.

26 Aug 2012

Ahead of schedule

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Our stuff was scheduled to be picked up by MoveCorp on Monday. On Thursday my brother just remembered he actually will be in Barcelona over the weekend and won’t be able to open up the apartment for the driver. Fail! I contacted MoveCorp in an attempt to possibly change the date but as expected that wasn’t possible. Luckily one of Anders’ friends was kind enough to help out and offer to open up the apartment. At that stage I was still a bit worried about the fact that it was a 19 meter long road-train that was going to come. Where would it be able to park? Read more

13 Aug 2012

Not impressed with MoveCorp

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As I’ve mentioned earlier we decided to use a UK company shipping our belongings down to Melbourne. In discussions we had with MoveCorp prior to moving down here we were told that boxes would be picked up in the week commencing August 13th. The boxes are still in our old apartment which we do have access to and pay rent for until the end of August so even though the late pick up wasn’t ideal it would work. Last week when contacting MoveCorp again sorting out the final details we were informed that pick up will actually not happen until August 27th, the truck picking up the stuff will leave UK on the 13th. That’s the first we heard of this and we were not happy. That’s another 2 weeks delay and there is not much margin when it comes to the date either since we have to be out of the apartment by the end of August. Another issue that our contact kindly informed us of just last week is that the truck collecting our belongings actually is a 19 meter road train and that access needs to be good. You’re kidding me! Isn’t that something that might be good to mention a little earlier. Not sure how that will work since our apartment doesn’t allow for great access for road trains. We’re still waiting on feedback from the company so the story continues. It’s just typical, you solve one drama (the visa) and then another one comes along.


11 Jul 2012

A productive day

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We’ve had (yet another) busy day today. So far we’ve packed some more stuff, bought MDF board for the boxes we planned on building (with we I of course mean Simon) to protect my paintings during transport, built these boxes (and yes I helped), given stuff away to goodwill and sold a TV bench. And the day isn’t even over yet. Such a nice relaxing holiday…or not. 20120711-193909.jpg

10 Jul 2012

VakuumpÄsar del 2

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Förra veckan efterlyste jag bra och billiga vakuumpĂ„sar och nu verkar det som om vi hittat vĂ„r kĂ€lla – Jula. En förpackning med tvĂ„ pĂ„sar 60 x 80 cm kostar endast 49 kr och det finns Ă€ven en mindre variant 50 x 60 cm som kostar 39 kr för ett tvĂ„pack. Vi lĂ„nade brors bil imorse och for och köpte ett gĂ€ng sĂ„ idag har det vakuumpackats till bĂ„de  höger och vĂ€nster. 🙂


04 Jul 2012

Move Corp

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Who would have known it would be cheaper to hire a UK company for transporting our belongings than a local Swedish company. In my world it’s very strange how a company based in Britain who drive over and pick up the stuff in our apartment, then transport it back to the UK, ships it to Australia and then drive it out to us and carry our stuff up in the apartment in Melbourne can be cheaper, but it is. That’s why we’ve decided to let Move Corp bring our belongings Down Under. The only downside to it all is that they can’t pick up until mid-August which means we probably won’t get our stuff until November. We’ll already be back in Australia at the time of the pick up but my brother has kindly enough offered to help out.

We still need to have everything packed and ready by the end of next week and the apartment cleaned by then so we’re keeping busy. We bought proper moving boxes to pack in and lots of bubble wrap. I’m also stressing a bit about work trying to get things done before I go on holiday. My plan was to try to do less hours given that I have around 60 hours of flex that I won’t get paid for when I quit and I’m not that keen on just giving away my time to the company. I’m nice but not really that nice. 🙂 That plan didn’t really work out that well though since I still am 54 hours plus. Tomorrow is my last day of work before my holiday leave and my very last day in the office here in Gothenburg. I’ve been too busy to really think about it too much but I bet it will feel strange tomorrow when I clean out all my stuff.