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13 Aug 2012

Not impressed with MoveCorp

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As I’ve mentioned earlier we decided to use a UK company shipping our belongings down to Melbourne. In discussions we had with MoveCorp prior to moving down here we were told that boxes would be picked up in the week commencing August 13th. The boxes are still in our old apartment which we do have access to and pay rent for until the end of August so even though the late pick up wasn’t ideal it would work. Last week when contacting MoveCorp again sorting out the final details we were informed that pick up will actually not happen until August 27th, the truck picking up the stuff will leave UK on the 13th. That’s the first we heard of this and we were not happy. That’s another 2 weeks delay and there is not much margin when it comes to the date either since we have to be out of the apartment by the end of August. Another issue that our contact kindly informed us of just last week is that the truck collecting our belongings actually is a 19 meter road train and that access needs to be good. You’re kidding me! Isn’t that something that might be good to mention a little earlier. Not sure how that will work since our apartment doesn’t allow for great access for road trains. We’re still waiting on feedback from the company so the story continues. It’s just typical, you solve one drama (the visa) and then another one comes along.


13 Aug 2012

Visa granted!

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I am pleased to advise that Anna…. has been granted a Temporary Business Entry (Class UC) Business (Long Stay) (Subclass 457) visa. This visa allows you to travel to, enter and remain in Australia and is valid until the date specified above.

I received an email from my case officer on Saturday night at 9.42 pm (isn’t that a weird time to receive an email by the way) informing me that my visa was approved. So now, finally I’m legal to work. My visa was granted for three years but I think Simon and I’ll be applying for our own visa, independent of work before then.But for now it’s all good and I’m relieved that it was sorted so quickly. I actually had my decision in about a week after handing in the missing application. I was called up by my case officer on Wednesday asking me to send in a proof of my health insurance (being Swedish I’m not covered by Medicare) so I did on Thursday and then on Saturday I had my decision. Today I applied for my Tax File Number too so as soon as I receive that I can finally open a bank account.

09 Aug 2012

The small things

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When you move and start from scratch it’s the small things in life that makes a difference. Like having a hair dryer.


07 Aug 2012

Shop till you drop

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We decided to go to Costco last weekend for a bulk buy of necessities. This is what we came out with, a massive trolley filled to the brim! Now we have toilet paper, washing detergent, soap etc to last us for months. ūüôā


07 Aug 2012

Visa screw up

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I came to a realization last week – I’m in the country on the wrong visa!! I only discovered this as I was trying to apply for a Tax File Number (TFN) online. If I don’t have one I can’t own a bank account and I’ll be charged more tax. My online application for the TFN was cancelled and I was told I wasn’t eligible to apply on my visa. I thought it was weird since the 457 work sponsored visa (that I believed I was on) gives you the right to apply for a TFN. I called up immigration and was told I was on the 651 visa, a normal tourist visa. Something clearly went wrong there! I thought immigration had made a mistake but as it turns out it was I who did.

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25 Jul 2012

So the adventure begins

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I’m about to board my first flight from Copenhagen. Hard to leave Karlshamn and another tearful goodbye, this time with mum and Bo. Very excited to see Simon though, and our new apartment.

Ended up bringing 29 kg of baggage but got away with paying for only 3 extra instead of 6 kg. Pretty happy with that. ūüôā

See you on the other side!

23 Jul 2012

Blandade känslor

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P√• onsdag √§r det dags.¬† Det √§r lite sv√•rt att greppa det faktum att jag endast har en hel dag kvar i Sverige innan jag flyttar. Mina k√§nslor √•ker runt som i en torktumlare inom mig och jag vet inte riktigt vad jag k√§nner. Det √§r mitt livs √§ventyr jag √§r p√• v√§g att ge mig ut p√• s√• naturligtvis √§r det sp√§nnande och pirrigt. Samtidigt √§r det skr√§mmande och lite l√§skigt eftersom jag sl√§nger mig ut i n√•got ok√§nt. Jag vet inte hur jag kommer att trivas och hur det kommer att k√§nnas. √Ąven om v√§nner och familj st√∂ttar mig i mitt beslut och m√•nga tycker jag √§r modig som v√•gar bryta upp och prova n√•got nytt, s√• √§r det tufft att veta att jag genom mitt beslut √§ven g√∂r s√• m√•nga personer i min n√§rhet ledsna. Men jag m√•ste f√∂lja mitt hj√§rta och just nu f√∂r mitt hj√§rta mig till Australien.

Det känns som om vi har pratat om flytten i en evighet och förberedelserna har pågått hur länge som helst men sen nu, när det är dags, känns det samtidigt som om det har gått så fort. Den senaste dryga veckan har varit fylld av stunder att minnas med familj och vänner men även av tårar och avsked. Förra söndagen tog jag avsked från bror med sambo och idag  av min syster. Det var tufft. Väldigt jobbigt att inte veta när man ses näst (frånsett via Skype då).

Allra käraste syster!

Jag saknar  Simon massor och ser verkligen fram emot att få ses. Vi har inte kunnat ha särskilt mycket kontakt den här veckan pga tidsskillnaden och hans avsaknad av internet och fungerande telefon. Det kanske inte var supersmart att åka vid olika tidpunkter då det hade varit skönt att ha honom här vid min sida som stöd, särskilt på onsdag då jag säger hej då till mamma och börjar min långa resa söderut.  (Men när vi bestämde det trodde vi ju att Simon skulle börja jobba tidigare än det i slutändan blev. )

21 Jul 2012

√Ąlskad syster

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My sister made me cry this morning when she gave me this beautiful bracelet that has¬†√§lskad syster engraved on it (in English loved sister). I do love my sister and I’ll think of her every time I’ll wear the bracelet. I love it!

21 Jul 2012

SWEA Melbourne

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Jag hade tidigare sökt information om SWEA då jag genom bekantar som bott utomlands fått nys om att SWEA-nätverket kan vara ett toppensätt att möta andra svenskar då man bor utomlands.

För er som inte är bekanta med vad SWEA är så kommer här en kort förklaring.

SWEA, Swedish Women’s Educational Association Inc, √§r ett globalt n√§tverk med ungef√§r 7 500 svensktalande kvinnor i 73 avdelningar och 33 l√§nder.¬† SWEA √§r den st√∂rsta Sverigefr√§mjande organisationen utanf√∂r Sverige och v√•rt syfte √§r att fr√§mja det svenska spr√•ket samt sprida svensk kultur och tradition. Read more

18 Jul 2012

Off he goes

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Simon is one his way back home to Australia. It feels really weird that he left and that I only have another week left in Sweden before I go. It’s been days (or more like weeks) of intense preparations and we really pushed ourselves to be ready with all the packing and cleaning before Saturday morning when we left to go down to my mum’s. But in the end we made it and everything we’ll ship is photographed, bubble wrapped and packed in boxes. We’ve valued our belongings and organised the pick up by Move Corp. All our other belongings are either sold, given to my family, stored at mum’s, donated to goodwill or thrown away. In a way it’s been nice to do go through all my belongings and sort them out but it’s been though too. But now it’s done and I plan on enjoying my last week in Sweden to the max, starting with a bbq at a friend’s house this arvo.