about us

You might ask yourself, who are Simon & Anna? If you do you can continue reading and if you don’t – stop reading right now!

We’re a Swaussie couple, a Swedish girl and an Australian boy and we met in Australia in 2009 when Anna was spending 6 months in Melbourne through work (you can read about it in Anna’s Australia). We got introduced to each other by a mutual friend and we didn’t plan for it to happen but we fell in love. We owe you Kate! When Anna had to go back to Sweden in the end of October 2009 we started having a very looooong distance relationship between Melbourne and Jönköping. Thank God for Skype, emails and texts!

When Anna left we didn’t know when we were going to see each other again but it didn’t take long before Simon booked a trip to come over to Sweden for Christmas. It was the first time Simon went overseas and naturally it was a bit of shock, especially with the extremely cold winter weather we had for the entire time he was in Sweden. Leaving Australian summer wearing shorts – arriving Swedish winter having to wear a thick jacket and a beanie.

We had another tearful goodbye in mid January 2010 when Simon went back to Melbourne and yet another moment when we didn’t know when we were going to see each other again. Shortly after Anna booked a trip to come visit Australia in May the same year and we decided to apply for a residence permit to Sweden for Simon. We’ve written about this entire process in the blog in the category Residence permit (Sweden). To make a long story short Anna spent 3 weeks in Australia in May/June and then in mid August 2010 Simon moved to Jönköping, in Sweden. In July 2011 we relocated to Göteborg (Gothenburg) but a year later we moved again, this time back to Australia. Back to Melbourne.


I’m a 32 year old Swedish sheila originally from Karlshamn. In 2008 I moved to Jönköping because I got offered a trainee position at a lighting company who’s sister company I’m now employed by here in Melbourne.  I’m a big animal lover and part of the instant family Simon got was my adorable Cocker Spaniel, Pollux, and my way too fat scoliosis cat, Nova. Both are left in Sweden and I miss them heaps. My biggest interests are interior design, photography and  I do enjoy gardening as well. I also love to travel and apart from living in Melbourne I’ve also lived a year in the US working as an au pair (nanny), six years up in the north of Sweden in Luleå when I studied, 3.5 years in Jönköping and then a year on the west coast of Sweden, in Göteborg.


I’m a 30 year old Adelaide bloke who before I moved to Sweden used to live in Melbourne. I’m very into sports and a huge footy fan and of course I go for the Adelaide Crows. Before moving to Sweden I worked as a Technical Sales Representative at the largest Australian wholesaler of alarms and surveillance cameras and in Sweden I was employed as a Technical Manager in the same business. Now back in Melbourne I’ve continued working within the same business. I also greatly enjoy more practical work.  I built my own house in Melbourne before moving to Sweden and I did a lot of the work in and around the house myself (with great help from my dad). Therefore Anna’s first mission for me once I moved to Sweden was to renovate our kitchen.

The blog is our way of sharing our everyday life with friends, families and others who are interested in reading about what we’re up to. We write about how it is moving to and living in a different country than your home country, the culture shocks we experience, the differences we encounter between Sweden and Australia, the two countries’ different traditions and much more. Our goal is to try to look at the differences in a positive way and and bring the best of these two worlds and cultures together into our everyday life. Both Sweden and Australia are great countries, both with their own pros and cons.


It’s been a roller coaster ride so far and we’re sure it will not end here, so come along for the ride!

Feel free to leave a comment in on of our post or email us directly via swedenaustralia(at)gmail.com,  to let us know you were here and don’t hesitate to ask us questions about Australia and/or Sweden!