15 Aug 2015

The waiting game

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When I first arrived to Australia I did so on a work sponsored 457 visa. This visa had a validity of 3 years. I begun discussing this with my work last year since I would like to become a permanent resident rather than a temporary one. Unfortunately due to the fact that I was about to marry Simon work thought I could sort out my own visa and they didn’t want to continue sponsoring me. A little frustrated as it’s both cheaper and quicker to get sponsored through work and they didn’t seem to understand that me marrying Simon really wan’t going to guarantee me a permanent residency or in any way really make things that much easier. I tried to look at things positively though and decided to apply for my own partner visa. At least that way I will no longer be controlled by work and I’m free to leave whenever I want wihtout having to worry about the new company taking over my sponsorship. The process of getting the application in was speed up a bit in mid-December when it was announced that the application fee would increase by around 50% as of January 1st 2015 and instead of the “only” costing $4,575 would then become $6,865.  I spent the entire Christmas break filling in forms and organising documents and on December 29th I submitted my application.

It’s now been 7.5 months and nothing has happened. I haven’t even been assigned a case officer yet. On the acknowledgement I received after submitting my application it says that the processing time was 9-12 months but when phoning up DIBP now the information I receive is that it’s more like 12-15 months. I suspect there might have been an increase in the number of application submitted during the two weeks from when the price increase was announced until it came into affect. It doesn’t seem to be much I can do to try to speed things up either which sucks. I hate this waiting game.

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  1. Reply Amanda says:

    Hej! hittade din blogg när jag googlade lite om Australiensiska visum, jag är också i processen för ett partnervisum men från Sverige.
    Här steg priserna också med 50% från 1 Juli, helt otroligt! Jag ansökte i början av juni och hörde iaf av Berlin redan efter en månad. De bad mig bara boka hälsoundersökningne i februari, men jag har hört att det är det sista de ber om eftersom det bestämmer deadline för när man måste flytta till Aus. Dock kanske det är optimistikt eftersom de säger de har minimum 11-14 månaders behandlingstid 🙁
    Det är en jobbig process, speciellt att bara gå och vänta utan att man kan börja planera för flytten. Hoppas du hör från dem snart

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