29 Aug 2014

Now hiring…again

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It never ends. I’m at it again, another recruitment process. At least this time it’s not because anyone resigned or because the person I recruited was a wrong fit. This time it’s because my team is growing again and we need another person. Nevertheless, recruitment processes are draining and it’s not like my job go on hold in the meantime.

I feel like I’ve done nothing but recruiting and training people over the last year. It all started going downhill in April/May last year when I had to make one of my team members redundant, then 4 months later another team member resigned leaving me in a very sticky position with only one person left in my team. My original team was only 3 people and myself. Since end of September last year I’ve been trying to find someone for my team. I tried  many different venues to find the right person for the role within the given budget (which changed a few times as well just to make things a bit more interesting) and after many interviews, hours of extra work and a bad recruitment later I found a new person for my team that started beginning of July. We are still very busy and I am still too involved in the everyday work and don’t really have time to do what I’m meant to be focusing on doing as a manager so I’ve now been given permission to recruit yet another person for my team.

Prior to this I’ve never recruited before so it’s been a steep learning curve for me. Since I didn’t do it in Sweden either I don’t really have much to compare with but it feels like there is a lot more responsibility on me as a manager to sort this out here, at least in our company. We have a HR department (which really only is one person working 3 days a week) and our HR Advisor have been helpful but perhaps not giving me enough. I’ve been writing position descriptions, reading applications, shortlisting people and together with HR held interviews with applicants. Time consuming, frustrating and draining describes the process. Especially when you’re one person short in the team as it is and you’re trying to keep up with the same workload with less people and at the same time have a life, plan a wedding, renovate your house and be a good fiancée ;). There has been no good work/life balance in my life this year.

I’m trying to focus on the light in the end of the tunnel. The day when I too can feel like I’m motivated and inspired to go to work again. When I can feel like I actually accomplish something bigger and get challenged at work being more than just a paper pusher. The day when I too can work only 8 hours/day and have a life outside work. The day when my team runs like a well oiled machine and can work without constant supervision and my involvement in the small details. I’ll stop but in all seriousness there has to be a change in the end of all this. If there isn’t, then I’m out.

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