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27 Jun 2013

Bad car luck

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We’ve had extreme bad luck with cars lately. Two weekends ago Simon’s sister and boyfriend were visiting from Adelaide and they got their car broken into. Sunnies, GPS, iPod and keys stolen. A couple of days later Simon hit another car while exiting Costco’s car park and trying to squeeze by the car that was waiting to enter the very busy car park. We were in a rush trying to get home to go into the city for a footy game. Damages to the car that we hit and our car and the insurance company got involved.

A few days later it was my turn, on my way home from work I got hit and smashed the mirror. I was driving in my lane trying to pass a car with a trailer when that car decided he was merging into my lane. In order not to get hit I moved over to my right a little bit while breaking and got hit by a car from the oncoming traffic. Luckily it was just the mirror that took the hit, it could have gone a lot worse and fortunately there has only been damages to the car but the cost of getting it repaired is annoying. Since it’s said that bad things comes in threes, hopefully this is it for now.


27 Jun 2013

Adelaide memories

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When Anders and Linda was here we took heaps of photos and I’ve just started to go through them all uploading them on the website and creating a photo book.  It takes heaps of time but I thought I would at least share some of the pics from the great time we had in Adelaide.  Follow the link  below to go have a look. 


27 Jun 2013

Sleeping beauty

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19 Jun 2013

Take good notes

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17 Jun 2013

Midsummer for Dummies

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No, I’ve not stopped blogging I’ve just had another little break. It’s back in business again and with Swedish Midsummer just around the corner I’ve found this useful little videoclip to get you prepared.

Swedish Midsummer for Dummies from Intellecta Corporate on Vimeo.