22 Feb 2013

Green hair

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The water here in Australia has a lot more chlorine in it than Swedish water. Melbourne I believe is on of the cities with the lowest chlorine levels though. You definitely notice it when you drink the tap water but I’ve also noticed it on my hair. It’s well known that if you swim in pools to much your hair can get tinted green at least if you’re blonde. I’ve not been swimming in pools but this has still happened to me and my hair solely by taking showers in the water.  My is also a lot drier than it was in Sweden. One would think I should have gotten used to it by now but this keeps on being a problem even 7 months after moving here. Anyone else been experiencing this when moving to Australia?

De Lorenzo

I’ve been recommended to use De Lorenzo’s Nova Fusion Silver Shampoo so I’ll give that a go and hope it will get rid of the green.



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