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22 Feb 2013

Green hair

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The water here in Australia has a lot more chlorine in it than Swedish water. Melbourne I believe is on of the cities with the lowest chlorine levels though. You definitely notice it when you drink the tap water but I’ve also noticed it on my hair. It’s well known that if you swim in pools to much your hair can get tinted green at least if you’re blonde. I’ve not been swimming in pools but this has still happened to me and my hair solely by taking showers in the water.  My is also a lot drier than it was in Sweden. One would think I should have gotten used to it by now but this keeps on being a problem even 7 months after moving here. Anyone else been experiencing this when moving to Australia?

De Lorenzo

I’ve been recommended to use De Lorenzo’s Nova Fusion Silver Shampoo so I’ll give that a go and hope it will get rid of the green.



20 Feb 2013

Enjoy the little things

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15 Feb 2013

Söta mamma!

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flowerIt’s possible that I have the sweetest mum in the world. She organised these beautiful flowers for Simon and I on Valentine’s Day. She stalked down my friend on Facebook and arranged for her to get them from us.


14 Feb 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Today Simon and I celebrate 3.5 years together. We’ve been through a lot during that time and both the happy and sad times has made us grow stronger. I believe you should show your appreciation and love not only on one day of the year but I still like Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect opportunity to be a little extra romantic and express your love to your partner even though it’s a bit of a Hallmark holiday. 😉


13 Feb 2013

My life right now

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My days right now look a lot like this: bootcamp…eat…work…eat again…work some more…cook dinner….eat…organise SWEA stuff….sleep…repeat.


SWEAs kick-off is this Sunday and it will be great but it means there is a lot of work to be done before then plus my normal work is really busy at the moment and I’m trying to squeeze in at least 4 workouts as well over the week. That leaves very little time for the blog at the moment, but things will change and it will calm down….I hope.

P.S Om du är svensk/svensktalande och boende i Melbourne kanske du vill komma på kick-offen på söndag och höra mer om SWEA. Det blir modevisning med skandinaviska märken, shoppingmöjligheter, mat, mingel med massa andra trevliga svenskor, lotteri med superfina vinster inbakat med ett årsmöte. Både medlemmar och icke-medlemmar är varmt välkomna, än är det inte för sent att anmäla dig så maila oss på om du är intresserad. 🙂20130213-073950.jpg

07 Feb 2013

God morgon!

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I just can’t get enough of my view from the balcony. It’s AMAZING! Every morning is a treat when I wake up and have breakfast to this!

03 Feb 2013

Under construction

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Lucky the weather is crap this weekend since I have to spend the entire weekend in front of my laptop working on the SWEA website. The deadline is at the launch on February 17th so I better speed up.


03 Feb 2013

Get the priorities straight

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At a petrol station close to our home they have entertainment TVs on the pumps, just in case you would get bored while you fill up your tank. They don’t have card payments on the pumps though so you have to go into the petrol station to pay, which is actually the case at most petrol stations. I think the Aussies need to get their priorities straight. I rather have card payment on the pump than a TV to entertain me the 4 minutes it takes for me to fill my tank. Sometimes Australia and their technology just seem light years away from Sweden….light years behind that is. 🙂