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11 Jan 2013

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09 Jan 2013


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The knobs I got from Anders and Linda the other day was for our IKEA Hemnes chest of drawers in our bedroom. I’ve been looking for new white knobs to change the look of it for a while but haven’t been able to find any I like. So when A&L showed me these ones they found at Åhléns, I thought they would be perfect. The only problem is that the second chest of drawers for additional storage that we picked up from IKEA in Adelaide was for our bedroom so now we need another 6 knobs so that they match. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they still have them at Åhléns so that we can get more. Until then, here is a before and after shoot for you all to enjoy. 🙂



09 Jan 2013


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08 Jan 2013

Lucky girl

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Am I a lucky girl or what?!! Over Christmas I got not one, but two parcels sent from Sweden. One was from my adorable godchild Ella and contained two Santa figures, a drawing and a block of yummy Marabou chocolate.

The second one was a belated birthday/Christmas gift from my brother and sister-in-law (I love that I can call her that now). It contained a pair of very pink Urbanista headphones, earrings, a ring, knobs for our chest of drawers and lollies.


Many thanks for both of them, you made my day!!

04 Jan 2013


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I love frangipanis, they smell nice and sweet and are pretty to look at. Simon’s grandpa has a beautiful tree in his garden and today I took a twig from it. Hopefully I’m able to get them to grow in a pot on our balcony back home.


03 Jan 2013

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02 Jan 2013

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01 Jan 2013


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I discovered something new today, IKEA in Adelaide has pick & mix lollies (in Swedish lösgodis). IKEA in Melbourne doesn’t, how unfair is that?! I believe it has to do with the fact that the Australian IKEA stores are different franchise businesses. I discovered this when I tried to use a gift voucher I have from back home but couldn’t since it was purchased in Melbourne. Apparently Adelaide and Perth belong to one franchise and the rest of them to another. That explains why the map on the IKEA website looks like below. 🙂

All of a sudden it also makes sense why the chest of drawers that I went to IKEA to buy (because it was sold out back home) was on sale in Melbourne when we went there before Christmas and not in Adelaide. Luckily enough it ended up being included in the after-Christmas sale here in Adelaide though so I got the discount in the end anyway.


All these lollies and I didn’t even buy any….didn’t want to start of the new year being bad. I regret it now. (Though it was expensive $23/kg I think which is about 160 kr.)