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22 Dec 2012

Christmas recipe

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21 Dec 2012

Christmas break

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After a stressful day at work trying to get things organized before the Christmas break, followed by lunch at work and a Kris Kringle Christmas gift exchange we’re on our way to Adelaide. Looking forward to two weeks of relaxation!


20 Dec 2012


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20 Dec 2012

The land of CAPITAL letters

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I have to share something with you about Australia that’s driving me nuts. I’ll be fair though, it might not be an Australian thing it might just be something that goes on only at my work, I don’t know. At my work at least, there is an overuse of typing emails in CAPITALS ONLY. I would think that it’s an internationally known fact that writing in all caps is considered as if you’re shouting, which in most cases isn’t necessary. I’m all for using capital letters to emphasise a word but I hate when I receive a whole email written in caps. So unless you intend on offending the person your writing to please feel free to stop that. Anyone else in Australia picked up on this or is it just me?


19 Dec 2012


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17 Dec 2012

I love my city

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Even though my thoughts have been with my family back in Sweden a lot lately I must admit that I do love being here . Melbourne  is a beautiful city to call home!


Waking up to this view every morning is not bad at all.

17 Dec 2012

My home, our home

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We spent the entire weekend unpacking boxes, washing clothes, and putting stuff away. The apartment looked like a bomb hit it! Everything except 3 wine glasses and a lollie bowl was whole so we’re very happy with that. We still have some things to store away but we have to organise our storage spaces more in order to do so. Silly things like being able to drink my coffee from my Filippa K cups, put up my chandelier made me smile and I can’t wait to get my paintings up on the walls! Even though they’re might be insignificant things they’ all make our apartment feel more like my home, like our home.


It was wonderful to unpack my stuff but doing so brought back many memories and I felt both happy and a bit sad. Christmas approaching, having my stuff arrive and missing out on my brother’s wedding in the same week must have made my brain overload because the last couple of nights I’ve been having strange dreams about my family, friends, Pollux and Nova. I rarely remember my dreams so doing so several nights in a row is a bit weird.

15 Dec 2012

10 good things to know about Sweden

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15 Dec 2012


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14 Dec 2012

It’s here!!

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Our stuff from Sweden were (finally) delivered this morning. The apartment is a mess but it seems like it’s all here. Let the unwrapping and unpacking begin. Keep your fingers crossed it’s all in one piece.