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30 Nov 2012


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I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again. One of the hardest things I find about moving is finding a hairdresser that you like and that you feel comfortable with. Well, since it was over 4 months since I had my last haircut and the water here with all the chlorine had done nothing for my hair but make it look greenish and dull it was time – I had to find a hairdresser! By recommendation I booked myself in at Cocohoney in Seddon and I must say that I’m very happy with that. New colour and cut and I feel like me again!

Since I like to compare Sweden and Australia  in anything I do here is a couple of things that are different when you go to a hairdresser in Oz. In Sweden you get offered a drink, a coffee, tea or perhaps a water. You’re offered a drink in Australia too and can choose from all of the above but even better is that you can have a glass of wine or beer if you like. I like the Australian way! Another difference is the tradition of hairdressers working late on Thursdays, the same way as you can go late night shopping on Thursdays you can also go to the hairdresser which generally are open until 9 pm on that day. In Sweden I don’t think you can find a hairdresser that’s open past 7 pm.

30 Nov 2012

Where are you going to live?

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29 Nov 2012

Night market

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It’s summer time in Melbourne and that means the Night Markets are on every Wednesday night at Queen Victoria Markets between 5 pm and 10 pm. I’ve never been before so last night was a premiere for me. We met up with Lina and Ben, had a sangria, a nice burger and walked around the many stalls. Heaps of people around, beautiful food cooked everywhere, live bands playing, wine tastings and lots more. We’ll definitely make sure we’ll come down another Wednesday night for some more summer action.

29 Nov 2012

Woop Woop!!

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We managed to swoop up tickets for Swedish House Mafia’s show in Melbourne. All due to pure luck though. I was online logged into Ticketmaster at on the dot at 12pm when the tickets were released but failed to get through. Out of luck Simon (who was trying on his phone as well) realised a second show had put up the day before the one we were trying to get tickets for and since I guess less people knew about it we managed to get our hands on some tickets. Can’t wait for January 31 st!!

29 Nov 2012

Hot hot hot!

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Looks like it will be a hot day in Melbourne today, summer is around the corner.

27 Nov 2012

The red gold

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We went grocery shopping at Woolworth’s last night and just like Simon’s mum said there was saffron to be found in the spice section. No having to ask the cashier for it when you check out and pay like in Sweden, no it was right there on the shelf. Mum bought saffron in Sweden the other day at Apoteket for 30 kr for 0.5 g so comparing to that it’s more expensive here. I paid $6.58 for 0.5 g ( ca 45 kr), that’s $13,160 (!) per kilo!!. Maybe you can get it cheaper somewhere else but it’s a very expensive spice indeed.

I realised I probably need another package though before I start my saffron bun baking. I haven’t really been baking that much in Australia before and I have another dilemma that I hope to get some help with. We don’t have self raising flour in Sweden so maybe someone can shred some light on when I should use the normal flour and when I should use the self raising one.


26 Nov 2012

Redo för Advent

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25 Nov 2012


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Things that never happen in Sweden – you go over to a friend’s house and pick grapefruits and lemons from their trees. It doesn’t get fresher than that.

24 Nov 2012


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Christmas is only a month away and even though I don’t have exactly have the same Christmas feeling here as I probably would in Sweden this time of the year I’ll try to make my first Christmas living in Australia a nice one, combining the Australian traditions (which basically includes drinking beer and having BBQs, with some Swedish ones). It’s over 30 degrees today so there will be no baking on hot day like this but I would like to make some saffron buns on a less hot day. Only one issue, I have I no idea on where I get saffron from. It might be that you can get it in the supermarket as in Sweden (I haven’t really started investigating this yet) but I thought maybe one of you reader’s have the answer.

24 Nov 2012

One last tour

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That Swedish House Mafia is on their last farewell tour around the world  before these excellent DJ’s split up is not news. We tried to get tickets to their one off Australian show in Sydney in February, last week but failed miserably. Ticketmaster’s website crashed, phone lines jammed and all tickets were gone in minutes. We were pretty upset since we would love to see them one more time after our muddy Dublin experience earlier this year.

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Steve Angello, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso quickly announced that they were working on a solution for all those disappointed fans (including us) that failed to get tickets and on Thursday a second show was announced, in MELBOURNE!! We’re thrilled! The tickets go on sale on Thursday next week and we just HAVE to get tickets.