25 Oct 2012

Vic license & ID point system

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I finally have an appointment at Vic Roads to get my Victorian drivers license sorted tomorrow. I’m not really obliged to get a Victorian license since I’m only here on a temporary visa and I can continue to drive on my Swedish license provided that it’s accompanied by an approved translation. But given that my Swedish license doesn’t work as an approved form of identification (since it’s all in Swedish and noone understands what it says) and I have to carry my passport around I thought it would be a good idea.

Another reason for it being a good idea is because of the Australian ID point system.  Most legal transactions require some form of identification, applying for our appartment for example did. In some cases, at least 100 points of ID is required. Certain documents will get you a fictive number of points, the more reliable the ID the more points you will get. A driver’s license is a form of secondary document and will give you 40 points. A primary document such as a passport will give you 70 points. But back to the driver’s license.

Sweden is, as I’ve written about earlier (HERE), considered to be a recognised country meaning that Australia approve of our drivers license testing standards. Therefore we (the Swedes) don’t have to take any tests, all we have to do is to make an appointment with Vic Roads, go there and apply for a Victorian license. And that’s exactly what I’m doing tomorrow! The downside to the story is that all Vic Roads’ offices only are open during regular work hours so I have to take half a day off work to be able to make the appointment.

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