27 Oct 2012

Tap water

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One thing I really, really miss about Sweden is good tasting tap water. I don’t think you really appreciate it until you don’t have it anymore. I love Swedish tap water but here it tastes like chlorine. I know it’s perfectly safe to drink it but I just can’t come to terms with the taste. It tastes slightly better when it has been refrigerated but still nowhere close to tasty Swedish water. What do you think about the Australian tap water?

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5 Responses to “Tap water”

  1. Reply Grant says:

    That is a funny thing. When I arrived into Sweden from NZ, I thought that Swedish water tasted horrible. Rather, that it had no taste. I couldn’t say why, it just was. 4 years later and I recently drank a glass of tap water in Dublin. A horrible taste but instantly familiar from 45 years of enjoyment. Yup, it was chlorine. Dreadful stuff now, like drinking swimming pool water. I couldn’t wait to get back to “taste-free” Swedish water again. As you say, you only know what you know, and don’t miss something until it’s not there.

  2. Reply Tess says:

    In australia, i have mostly been drinking Darwin water and I think it tastes great! Tastes nothing – just like the Swedish water. 🙂

  3. Reply Kieran says:

    Have to say the water in Sweden tastes so much cleaner and pure than the tap water in Brisbane! I usually notice and comment on small things like that, but think the quality of the tap water is a big deal – especially when you put so much of it into your body! Moving from Lund to London, and the change in tap water was so drastic – I’m not suprised people use filters there, the stuff can taste like copper and chemicals.

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