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22 Oct 2012


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Speaking to almost the entire family on Skype at the same time plus receiving this photo with Nana in it. Happiness!

Being apart from your family and friends is the toughest part of moving to the other side of the world but it’s nice to at least be able to watch them via Skype almost feeling like you’re in the same room as them.

22 Oct 2012

Casual Friday

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A lot of workplaces in Australia has a more strict dress code than workplaces in Sweden. Some of them do allow a more casual dress code on Fridays, commonly known as Casual Fridays. We used to have Casual Fridays at my work but as of last week a new dress standard policy is in place and they’ve been removed.

I believe Sweden in general has a more casual approach to workplace dress codes (at least thats my experience). Wearing jeans to work in Sweden was not an issue at all. Jeans used to be a big no no unless on casual Friday’s at my work but with the new dresscode “smart denim” is now permitted but only provided it’s worn with dress shoes and a top or shirt “appropriate for a professional environment”. In reality the stricter dress code means you almost need two sets of clothes in your wardrobe.

The shoes are another thing that’s different. Here in Australia almost all girls in my office wear heels to work something I’m not really used to.

16 Oct 2012

Live, love, listen, speak

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15 Oct 2012

Wear a helmet – it’s the law

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In Sweden it’s illegal to ride on a bicycle without a helmet, if you’re 15 years or younger that is. This results in that very few teenagers and adults wear one. That law was not in place when I was under 15 and I remember how I used to take it off after I left home or not wear it at all because it was dorky to wear a helmet I also remember a accident I had on my bike where I did hit my head and got a concussion, something that possibly could have been avoided if I wore a helmet.

I haven’t worn a bicycle helmet in around 16 years but that’s all going to change if I want to ride a push bike here in Australia because here there is also a law about wearing a helmet. The difference? The Australian law applies to EVERYONE! Australia is actually one of only two countries in the world that has an all-age mandatory bicycle helmet law. The only one who has copied Australia is our neighbor, New Zealand.

I still hate wearing a helmet and probably wouldn’t wear one if it wasn’t for the law here, even though my sensible self tells me that I probably should.

Though there is no compelling evidence that Australia’s compulsory helmet laws have reduced injury rates on a population-wide basis.

While there is evidence that wearing a helmet will provide some protection from a knock to the head, the benefit is small. Severe head injuries amongst cyclists are not particularly common, and helmets do not prevent all or even a high proportion of those that might occur, but rather provide some marginal decrease in the likelihood of injury.

The mandatory helmet law also change people’s behaviour and perception of risk. Some cyclists take more risks while riding with a helmet than they would without, while studies have shown that some motorists drive closer to helmeted cyclists, than unhelmeted ones. This tendency for individuals to react to a perceived increase in safety by taking more risk is known as risk compensation.

Are you pro or con mandatory helmet laws for everyone?

15 Oct 2012

Fitness Boot Camp

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It’s time to get serious about Beach 2012 (second time around) and therefore Kylie and I decided to sign up for a fitness boot camp. First session was today at 6 am (!). Yes, I was a bit tired and it was a bit though to get up before the sun even was up but man, do I feel good now. Quick shower and then it’s work time!

The camp goes for 6 weeks and there are 5 sessions a week that you can attend (you’re recommended to attend at least 3). There are two 6 am sessions, two 6.30 pm sessions and a saturday 9 am session to choose from. I’ll try to do as many as possible but we’ll see how I go.

14 Oct 2012

I got mail

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The birthday celebration goes on. I received a note form Australia Post on my birthday letting me know that I had a package to pick up. But since the post office closes already at 5 pm I was unable to pick it up during the week so I did it yesterday. I was not expecting the package to be as big as it was and not to contain so many pressies.

It felt a little bit like Christmas opening them all up and now I have a massive Swedish lolly stash, a beautiful Ernst candle holder and a Wera mobile case. I’m truly being spoiled.


13 Oct 2012

Jeremy Clarkson says…

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We’ve realized the hard way that using the phone as a GPS might not be the smartest idea so we decided to buy ourselves a GPS after all. We’ve looked at the TomTom’s before and as soon as Simon found out there was a limited edition Top Gear version he was sold! So now Jeremy Clarkson is directing us through Melbourne. If you’re more of the quite version person there is always the Stig mode to choose from as well.

And yes, there is the normal computer voices as well if we ever get tired of Jeremy.

12 Oct 2012

Recension Stora Australienmanualen

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För ett par månader sedan kom jag i kontakt med Anders som driver sajten Swedes i Australia. Swedes in Australia är tänkt att hjälpa andra Australien-intresserade svenskar att förstå hur det funkar att resa och bo i Australien, samt att göra det lättare för oss Australiensvenskar att hitta och lära känna varandra. Anders har bott många år i Australien och han har samlat all sin oväderliga kunskap i en omfattande guidebok – Stora Australienmanualen. När jag hittat lite ledig tid har jag ägnat mig åt att läsa igenom  manualen och äntligen kommer här en recension av innehållet.

Allt om visum, biljetter, boende och jobb för resenärer och emigranter till Australien.

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11 Oct 2012

Ja må jag leva!

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Yes, Simon got a birthday post so I’m giving myself one too. Since it’s a workday it haven’t offered that much excitement. I did learn though that it’s normal in Australia to take the day off on your birthday, relax and enjoy the day. Maybe I’ll try that next year. 🙂

Got a nice card from my co-workers this morning and went out for a birthday lunch. Also received a nice package from Simon’s family, a beautiful necklace. Topped the day off with going to Hellenic Republic with some friends for dinner. Really nice Greek food, I can highly recommend it!

Now I’m just getting my new kikki.K bag ready for work in the morning. It’s been sitting on a shelf teasing me for weeks but now I can finally use it. Thank you Simon, mum, Nana and Bo, you’re spoiling me! 🙂


10 Oct 2012

Three simple rules in life

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