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17 Sep 2012

Fun mail

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15 Sep 2012

Breakfast for champions

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14 Sep 2012


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13 Sep 2012

Don’t say no, say how

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Home after a very inspiring evening at the kikki.K store in Melbourne Central where it all started back in 2001. Kristina shared the story about how, the now very successful, business started. There are now 83 stores around Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Cool indeed and great to meet some more SWEA women as well. Apparently the big turn up at the launch and great interest in SWEA is a hot topic around the whole SWEA organisation around the world (läs om lanseringen HÄR). Way to go Melbourne! 🙂


13 Sep 2012

First SWEA activity

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I’m on my way in to the city to attend SWEA Melbourne’s first activity – a company presentation by Kristina, the founder of kikki.K.

I’ve loved kikki.K ever since I first discovered the store back in 2009 and I’ve read a lot about Kristina and her entrepreneurship. To actually be able to meet her in real life and hear her story on how kikki.K came to be the success it is today is a little exciting.


12 Sep 2012

Willing to let go

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11 Sep 2012

Welcome home

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I’m soon about to go and pick up Simon from the airport and as a welcome home dinner I’ve prepared some homemade Swedish meatballs. For the first time ever they actually turned out semi-round as well, normally they look more like pattys than balls. 🙂


Thank you IKEA for the lingonsylt :)

I’ve really missed Simon this week so it will be nice to have him back home. It’s funny how we spent 1.5 years being apart initally Monday through Friday and then later “only” Monday through Thursday and that became “normal”. We haven’t spent more than one night apart since we moved here so now all of a sudden being apart for a long time feels weird.

09 Sep 2012

Less hate

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08 Sep 2012

Shopping spree

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My friend Anna was nice enough to take me shopping last night. Great with your own personal shopper. 🙂 I bought one pair of paints, three tops, two scarfs, a skirt and a bag most of it from Witchery. <3


07 Sep 2012

Here comes Opel

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I’ve only been under the impression that Holden and Australia and Opel in Europe was the same brand and therefore I was very surprised when I discovered that Opel will be launched in Australia this month. Both Holden and Opel are part of the General Motors Group and Holden actually used to import Opels, especially the Astra model and rebadge them. So Opel Astra was known to Australians as Holden Astra but in 2009 the Astra was replaced by the Cruz which is built locally in Adelaide.  But now the Astra is back and it’s the cenerpiece in Opel’s Australia launch alongside with intially the Corsa and Insignia. The Holden Cruz is one of Australia’s most popular cars and it’s crucial to Holden’s survival so it will be interesting to see if sales drops as Opel Astra hits the market.