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28 Sep 2012

You’re the pilot

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28 Sep 2012

Packed and loaded

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Our stuff was loaded onto the boat on Wednesday and has now finally left the UK. ETA Melbourne 18th of November. I can’t wait and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed nothing is broken, missing or damaged in any way when it arrives.

26 Sep 2012

Green fingers?

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We went to Bunnings last night for some additional plant shopping. Ended up getting some strawberry plants, herbs and a chili plant. Let’s hope I do have green fingers and won’t kill them the first week. 🙂


25 Sep 2012


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24 Sep 2012

Pimp our balcony

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The final touch to the spring cleaning of the balcony this weekend – new pots and plants.


22 Sep 2012

Spring cleaning

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Wonderful sunny spring day in Melbourne today. Perfect for a spring cleaning of the balcony, the outdoor furniture and cushions.


21 Sep 2012

We like you

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20 Sep 2012

Absolut unique

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Absolut Vodka just released a brand new limited range of vodkas – Absolut Unique. 4 million unique bottles have been distributed around the globe and I really would like to get my hands on one of them. The unique designs incorporate 38 different colors and 51 pattern types and not two bottles are the same. The project required a complete re-engineering of the company’s production plant in Sweden. Splash guns were set up and color-generating machines programmed with complex coating, pattern and placement algorithms to ensure that no two bottles are alike. Pretty impressive, well done Absolut.

19 Sep 2012

Gangnam Melbourne Style

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18 Sep 2012

Gumtree bargain

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Gumtree in Australia (the equivalence to Blocket) is not quite as easy to use as Blocket in Sweden but there is a big chance that you can get lucky and find a bargain if you try. We did this weekend; a queen size (153 cm wide) bed for only $150, only three years old and barely used. Simon’s parents are coming over from Adelaide this weekend so we sort of had to organise a bed for the spare room before then. We were lucky to find this one, sold by some rich guy in a very nice house in Williamstown. There was a bit of puzzling getting it home since we drive a Cruze (read small car) and have no towbar on it. But we made it and the bed is now standing in the spare room, ready to be used. Any visitors from let’s say Sweden would therefore not only have they’re own bathroom with a shower but also a really nice bed, just saying. 😉

P.S Did my oh so subtle hint above hit home?