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07 Aug 2012

Visa screw up

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I came to a realization last week – I’m in the country on the wrong visa!! I only discovered this as I was trying to apply for a Tax File Number (TFN) online. If I don’t have one I can’t own a bank account and I’ll be charged more tax. My online application for the TFN was cancelled and I was told I wasn’t eligible to apply on my visa. I thought it was weird since the 457 work sponsored visa (that I believed I was on) gives you the right to apply for a TFN. I called up immigration and was told I was on the 651 visa, a normal tourist visa. Something clearly went wrong there! I thought immigration had made a mistake but as it turns out it was I who did.

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05 Aug 2012

Morning bliss

2 Comments Melbourne

There is a lot of instant coffee around in Australia. Something I’m, as a Swede, isn’t used to. Therefore the plan was that eventually get me a coffee machine but since the ones we’ve been looking at are so expensive (over $300) I decided it could wait.

Yesterday that all changed when our friends told us about a coffee machine available at Aldi for only $85. Apparently they’re really good and very popular so as soon as the stores get stock in they sell out. We decided to stop by Aldi and we got lucky. So now my mornings are saved!!


01 Aug 2012

We’re alive

6 Comments Melbourne

Just letting you know I made it down safe and sound and we’re both still alive. Lots going on trying to organise everything with the apartment. Starting from scratch again is of course exciting but also hard work. On top of that we’re both working and haven’t been able to get our Internet connection up and running yet (stupid Telstra) which means there will be a lack of blog updates a while longer. But I can let you know that we paid the down payment on this Holden Cruz last night so hopefully we’re be cruising around in this beauty by the weekend. Yeah!