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23 Aug 2012

Four seasons in one day

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Melbourne is commonly known as being a city of four seasons in a day and it’s so true.  The weather here is pretty unpredictable, one minute it can be cloudy and rainy and the next the sun will be out. Today for example started out as a beautiful day with blue skies and sunny weather but during the course of the day it turned into a cloudy, dark and rainy day. The city still looks pretty good though with the dramatic dark skies in the photo above that I took when I came home from work tonight.

The air here is very crisp though and not humid like many other cities. The unpredictable weather Melbourne is created by its unique location, wedged between southerly Arctic influences and the northerly dry and hot desert winds. Melbourne is on roughly the same latitude as Athens and compared to European cities the climate in  Melbourne is mild, especially during winter.

What I do like about Melbourne  is that even though the climate is mild it still has four distinctive seasons, just like Sweden. Clear skies and fresh green leaves during spring,  dry and hot summers,  colourful leaves in autumn and even though Melbourne winter doesn’t’ offer any snow (unless you go to the mountains) it has cool crisp and sometimes grey and rainy days.


22 Aug 2012


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20 Aug 2012

Crayfish party

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We went to a great Swedish crayfish party yesterday organized by a couple of Swedes living in Melbourne. Good to meet some fellow Swedes, talk some Swedish and eat some nice Swedish food. Besides lots of yabbies there was Janson’s temptation, pickled herring, Kalles Kaviar, meatballs with gravy and lingonberry jam and crisp bread. Plus some Swedish schnapps of course. 🙂

We had Simon’s sister and her boyfriend with us so no I’ve introduced Simon’s whole family to this Swedish tradition.


Mmmm, Swedish food!



19 Aug 2012

A good night out in Melbourne

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First night out in Melbourne last night since we moved here, with Mel & Nick. A good night spent at both Transport Bar and sipping oversized drinks at the Crown casino.


Southbank & Eureka Tower seen from Federation Square.


Sensation cocktails at the Crown!

17 Aug 2012


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Things you don’t see in Sweden but everywhere in Australia.


17 Aug 2012


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17 Aug 2012

Back online

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Finally after almost a month’s wait and many phone calls to Telstra it’s here – the router! So as of now we’re back online! Yeah!! We’ve actually had the router sitting at the post office for two days but since it closes already at 5 pm we’ve struggled to make it there in time to pick it up given that we both work. Simon missed out with a couple of minutes two days in a row which was really annoying. In a weird way I actually start to appreciate the Swedish system where most post offices are closed down but instead they have distributors where you pick up your parcel, normally a grocery store or a kiosk. That way you can pick up your parcel after work when it’s convenient for you and don’t have to bend over backwards and rearrange your whole day just because your received a parcel to big to fit in your mailbox. So thank you Sweden and Australia, you have more to learn on this issue! 🙂

15 Aug 2012

Top Koality

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14 Aug 2012

Happy anniversary

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Who knew that what started three years ago would turn out to be something so great. 🙂


13 Aug 2012

Keep calm

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