13 Aug 2012

Not impressed with MoveCorp

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As I’ve mentioned earlier we decided to use a UK company shipping our belongings down to Melbourne. In discussions we had with MoveCorp prior to moving down here we were told that boxes would be picked up in the week commencing August 13th. The boxes are still in our old apartment which we do have access to and pay rent for until the end of August so even though the late pick up wasn’t ideal it would work. Last week when contacting MoveCorp again sorting out the final details we were informed that pick up will actually not happen until August 27th, the truck picking up the stuff will leave UK on the 13th. That’s the first we heard of this and we were not happy. That’s another 2 weeks delay and there is not much margin when it comes to the date either since we have to be out of the apartment by the end of August. Another issue that our contact kindly informed us of just last week is that the truck collecting our belongings actually is a 19 meter road train and that access needs to be good. You’re kidding me! Isn’t that something that might be good to mention a little earlier. Not sure how that will work since our apartment doesn’t allow for great access for road trains. We’re still waiting on feedback from the company so the story continues. It’s just typical, you solve one drama (the visa) and then another one comes along.


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3 Responses to “Not impressed with MoveCorp”

  1. Reply Sando says:

    How did things work out in the end? MoveCorp also told me a week or two before the delivery date that they were coming with a 19 meter road train… I was a bit worried and wished I’d known in advance as I had told them access might not be great. They’re coming tomorrow… we’ll see how it goes…!

    • Reply simon & anna says:

      It all went well in the end. Not sure exactly how since it was a friend of my brother’s that was there for the pick-up but the managed to get close enough to pick it all up. How did your pick-up go?

      • Reply Sando says:

        It went super well. The guys only brought the front half of the truck – thank God – so it all worked out in the end. #phew

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