26 Aug 2012

Ahead of schedule

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Our stuff was scheduled to be picked up by MoveCorp on Monday. On Thursday my brother just remembered he actually will be in Barcelona over the weekend and won’t be able to open up the apartment for the driver. Fail! I contacted MoveCorp in an attempt to possibly change the date but as expected that wasn’t possible. Luckily one of Anders’ friends was kind enough to help out and offer to open up the apartment. At that stage I was still a bit worried about the fact that it was a 19 meter long road-train that was going to come. Where would it be able to park?

I didn’t have to worry too long about that though since the driver called up Anders’ friend on Friday letting him know that they were running ahead of schedule (3 days to be exact) and was coming in an hour. Luckily there was no issues parking the truck close to the house and it all went very smoothly so now our stuff is on their way to the UK where they’ll be loaded onto a ship down to Melbourne. We don’t know when it all will arrive here, I think we’ll be given an ETA once the stuff is actually on the ship but we’re guessing it will be here in November. I’m just very happy it is out of the apartment (since our lease is up this week) and that there were no issues picking it up. Let’s just hope it all arrives in one piece down here.

To be continued…

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4 Responses to “Ahead of schedule”

  1. Reply Mamma says:

    Det blir som julafton att få packa upp allt efter flera månader.

  2. Reply Anders says:

    Hörde du att Andreas hjälpte till med lådorna medans en av gubbarna satt i lastbilen!!

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