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31 Aug 2012

SWEA launch

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I went to the Swedish church in Toorak on Wednesday night for the launch of SWEA Melbourne. 70 (!) Swedish women in all ages between 18 and 70 something, everyone with a different life story. Some have, just like me, only recently moved here and others have lived here for years. Some here as students or nannys others more permanently living here. I think SWEA is a great network which I would love to be part of and I look forward to getting to know more awesome Swedes, like Emmy who writes Bortabrabloggen for example. We’ve only been communicating through the blogs and via email before and then on Wednesday we finally meet.


30 Aug 2012

Fuji Teppanyaki

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Birthday dinner with some friends at the Japanese restaurant in Moonee Ponds called  Fuji Teppanyaki. I’ve never had teppanyaki before so  I thought it was pretty cool. The food was cooked by our private chef on a hot plate in front of us and it was really delicious. Simon even got a little  birthday desert he cut with a samurai sword.

Burning onion rings

Catching bowls thrown in the air by the chef

Cutting the desert – Samurai style


30 Aug 2012

Happy 30th!!

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Hope you have a great birthday babe!

28 Aug 2012

New oceans

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26 Aug 2012

Carn the crows!

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26 Aug 2012


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We made a couple of bargains this weekend on Gumtree, the Aussie equivalence to Blocket in Sweden. We’ve been looking everywhere for a little shelf or something to use in the kitchen to put our microwave and stuff on to free up some more benchspace. For some reason this has proven really hard to find, at least at an affordable price. We had almost given up when we found this IKEA one that will do the trick on Gumtree the other day.

We also found a wine rack that we bought. It’s not the most good looking thing but we plan on staining it to make it look better and the it’s practical and keeps our wine bottles of the bench so I’m happy. 🙂 Slowly our apartment is becoming more and more liveable and feeling more and more like a place we’re happy to call home.

26 Aug 2012

Best buy of the week

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Bring on the summer we’re ready.

26 Aug 2012

Ahead of schedule

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Our stuff was scheduled to be picked up by MoveCorp on Monday. On Thursday my brother just remembered he actually will be in Barcelona over the weekend and won’t be able to open up the apartment for the driver. Fail! I contacted MoveCorp in an attempt to possibly change the date but as expected that wasn’t possible. Luckily one of Anders’ friends was kind enough to help out and offer to open up the apartment. At that stage I was still a bit worried about the fact that it was a 19 meter long road-train that was going to come. Where would it be able to park? Read more

25 Aug 2012


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We’re having some friends over tonight and we’re taking the opportunity to use our cool cheese platter  made out of a the lid of a wine barrel for the first time. Nice!


Our Christmas gift from Simon’s parents last year.

24 Aug 2012

Bug vs windshield

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