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06 Jul 2012

Time for a weekend break

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We’re leaving this:

For some of this:

06 Jul 2012

Early brekkie w/ friends

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05 Jul 2012

Bye bye

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Bye, bye Gothenburg office. You’ll be missed. Hello, summer holiday. So nice to finally meet again. 🙂


04 Jul 2012

Move Corp

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Who would have known it would be cheaper to hire a UK company for transporting our belongings than a local Swedish company. In my world it’s very strange how a company based in Britain who drive over and pick up the stuff in our apartment, then transport it back to the UK, ships it to Australia and then drive it out to us and carry our stuff up in the apartment in Melbourne can be cheaper, but it is. That’s why we’ve decided to let Move Corp bring our belongings Down Under. The only downside to it all is that they can’t pick up until mid-August which means we probably won’t get our stuff until November. We’ll already be back in Australia at the time of the pick up but my brother has kindly enough offered to help out.

We still need to have everything packed and ready by the end of next week and the apartment cleaned by then so we’re keeping busy. We bought proper moving boxes to pack in and lots of bubble wrap. I’m also stressing a bit about work trying to get things done before I go on holiday. My plan was to try to do less hours given that I have around 60 hours of flex that I won’t get paid for when I quit and I’m not that keen on just giving away my time to the company. I’m nice but not really that nice. 🙂 That plan didn’t really work out that well though since I still am 54 hours plus. Tomorrow is my last day of work before my holiday leave and my very last day in the office here in Gothenburg. I’ve been too busy to really think about it too much but I bet it will feel strange tomorrow when I clean out all my stuff.

02 Jul 2012


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Någon har tips om var man kan få tag på bra vakuumpåsar till bra pris? De måste dessutom passa i en kartong som är 55 x 35 cm (för om jag förstår det hela rätt kan man inte vika påsarna när man sugit ur luften, rätta mig om jag har fel).

02 Jul 2012


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01 Jul 2012

I miss them already

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Mum took my little cuties with her when she left today and I miss them already.


01 Jul 2012

Stop giving up

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01 Jul 2012

Drive in loppis

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It’s been an interesting weekend I’ve attended my first ever flea market (as a seller that is). In an attempt to possibly earn some more cash for the move I decided to collect bits and pieces I wished to get rid of and sell them at a drive in flea market here in Göteborg. My mum was kind enough to come up and help me out. Good since we don’t even have a car and it gave us a chance to do something a bit different together as well. 🙂 The weather was nice and there were both a lot of cars attending (the organisers estimated it to be around 150 cars) and a lot of people coming to have a look too. It ended up being a small success and together we made a profit of 2500 SEK, not bad considering it was all stuff I planned on giving away to charity anyway and I the most expensive item I sold I charged 70 SEK for. 🙂