11 Jun 2012

PUT application in

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Since we don’t know what the future has in store for us and we wish to come and go as we please in Sweden we’ve handed in an application for a permanent residence permit for Simon (Permanent UppehållsTillstånd PUT). Or it’s really an application for an extension of his time limited permit but we assume what he’ll be granted will be a permanent one. As with everything that has to do with the Migration board the information you receive when in contact with them differs depending on who you speak with.

I went to personally hand in the application today and when asking whether you can leave and re-enter Sweden while you wait or a decision if your current permit has expired I was told, by the man in the reception,  NO. He instead suggested travelling to the north of Sweden since it’s so beautiful there. I know I’ve lived there for 6 years but still a weird thing to say. On their website they do have the following written:

We recommend that you stay in Sweden while waiting for a new decision, since it may be difficult to enter Sweden without a valid permit.

Though I’ve been told by other Aussies that they’ve been told the opposite, that it’s ok to leave and re-enter as long as you still have the reference number on your temporary permit (in the passport), then at the border they could chase that up and they would see all of your details. So not sure who to believe.

I was also told that we should have applied months ago which I also find really weird since the way I’ve understood it the application isn’t processed until your current permit expires, but I might have misunderstood this.

I was told the process will be around 7 months so I need to start gently nagging trying my best to speed up this process given the situation we’re in.

Wish us good luck!

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  1. Reply Grant says:

    The way that I understand this is that Simon is applying for an extension of his current UT permit. Migrationsverket will decide if the permit is to be renewed as another time limited UT, or if they will issue his extension as a non time-limited PUT. Being already the holder of an existing permit, that puts him into a different category from a first time permit holder. As an existing permit holder, he is free to travel outside of Sweden while his permit extension application is being processed. Call it a holiday to visit family. A lot of people here have done that, so it appears to be perfectly fine. However, as a first time PUT permit holder, I had to be in Sweden within a certain period after the date the permit was issued, in order to activate the permit. If I didn’t travel to Sweden within that time (I think it was 12 months), then my permit would be cancelled. I think it’s important that you check that Simon’s application is for the extension, and not for a new permit. If he gets issued a PUT as a result of his UT extension, then you’re not under any obligation to fly back to Sweden in any great hurry. If it’s a brand new permit which is likely to be issued once he is back in Australia, then he’ll have to shell out for a new ticket to Sweden just to activate his permit. It all gets a bit complicated.

    • Reply simon & anna says:

      Yes Grant. it’s correct that Simon is here on a time limited UT and the application that we’ve handed in is for an extensions. I just wrote PUT since I assume that’s what he’ll be granted since we’ve been living together for 2 years. But in reality he could also be issued another time limited UT. Thanks for your input, it put me at ease about our planned holiday in July.

  2. Reply Grant says:

    You’ll be sweet then. I suspect that they won’t be in any great hurry to process as the existing permit is automatically extended out to cover the processing period for the new application. Fine for them, but stressing for you. Keep poking them with a sharp stick. I would say that Simon will be issued with a PUT. He’s been a good tax paying, (mostly) law abiding guy in Sweden for the past 2 years. That usually ticks all the boxes. People have been given PUTs for much less. He’s the sort of guy that they would want to keep, even if it doesn’t always feel that way at times. Personally, if they want to get silly and demand that he turn up to the Migrationsverket offices for an interview, I’d be telling them to get stuffed. He can always travel to Sweden for 3 months whenever you need and, should you both decide to cut short your “holiday”, he’ll waltz into another permit. Probably receive a PUT straight off. Would be nice to have it all sorted before you both pack your Hawaiian shirts shortly, mind.

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