19 Jun 2012

My little princess

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I’ve been talking a whole lot about how I’ll miss Pollux when we move but to be fare I have to express that it will be very hard to leave Nova as well. She’s such a special cat, I’ve never met a cat like her. In many ways she’s more like a dog than a cat, she comes and greats you at the door when you get home and immediately throws herself on the floor showing her dotted round belly.

She has a passion for bags and suitcases, as soon as you put a bag down on the floor she’s either in it or on it. She also loves paper, chewing it into small pieces that is! 😉

She adores Pollux and when they were both young she often snuggled up on top of or next to him when he was sleeping. Nowadays she settles with stroking her face against him when he comes home and occasionally help cleaning him.

She’s very cuddly and if you sit down on the couch she comes and snuggles up in your lap or on your chest. Something that can be annoying at times but most of the times it’s just very relaxing and soothing. So yes, she’ll be dearly missed too and it’s hard leaving her behind,  I don’t think I’ll ever find a cat like her again.  I feel like a really bad mummy at times leaving my two precious “babies” behind.

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  1. Reply Karin says:

    Hel tunderbara bilder av tvĂ„ gosiga smĂ„ varelser. Är det bestĂ€mt vem som tar hand om Nova?

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