13 Jun 2012

Made in Bali

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I had a package to pick up today, a package from Amsterdam containing this little souvenir bike. Why, you might ask yourself and I’ll tell you why. It’s a pretty funny story (at least in retrospect). 20120612-191929.jpgWe decided to buy this souvenir bike when we were in Amsterdam in April. We thought it was pretty cool since there are a lot of people on bikes there and it said Amsterdam on the chain guard. Instead of getting the display bike we got one from the back of the store that was already wrapped and ready. Great, since we were travelling. Imagine our surprise and disappointment when we got home, opened the package and saw that instead of saying Amsterdam on the chain guard it said – Made in Bali! Not exactly what we wanted.

I contacted the store over the phone and after some explaining of my dilemma I was asked to send the bike back and they would send us a new one in return. So we did and yesterday the new one arrived. Now we have a souvenir and a funny story to go with it.

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