19 Jun 2012

Back cracking

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Went to see a naprapath about my back problems today. Apparently my lower back pain probably is a result of my shoulder area being to inflexible and my lower back and abdominal area to weak. Sitting at a desk in front of the computer all day doesn’t exactly help and I know my posture is really bad, my shoulders seem to push forward all the time.

After some stretching, back cracking, a TENS session (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and a massage I feel a bit sore, I’m less tense in my upper back area but still have some pain in my lower back. The mission now is to take it easy, stay away from doing stuff that hurts and do some exercises to train the mobility in my back. Then once I’m better I need to strengthen my lower back and abs and work on getting more flexible in my upper back area so I hopefully can avoid this in the future. It’s just the worst timing having back pain right now when our apartment needs to packed up.



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