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29 Jun 2012

Live in the present

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29 Jun 2012


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Maribyrnong (pronounced Marry-ber-nong) is a suburb in Melbourne West. In the local indigenous language, it means place of many birds. It’s a family suburb with a mix of older style timber homes, new townhouses, and designer homes.

It is clean, close to the city and Victoria University, it’s home to Highpoint (a large shopping centre), a new large and well equipped aquatic centre (pool and gym), and is on the picturesque and popular Maribyrnong River which has a good riverside walking and bike track.

There are three parts to Maribyrnong:

  1. there’s the old part with well kept timber and brick homes from the 1920’s and 1930’s in heritage protected tree lined streets.
  2. there’s the almost new part (Waterford Green) where large town houses for families were built about six years ago.
  3. there’s the really new part – a housing estate called Edgewater on the Maribyrnong River with great views of the city.

Maribyrnong was traditionally working class territory but has become a magnet for middle class families lately. And yes, this is the suburb we’ll be calling home very soon.

28 Jun 2012

Tired, drained, exhausted

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Take a pick, I feel all of the above. It just hit me the other day, like someone instantly just stole all my energy. I don’t know why and the timing sucks since there is still much more to do and all I really want to do is crawl into bed and just sleep.

Well I guess it’s just time to suck it up and keep going. I don’t think I really should be complaining since Simon has been doing 15 hour workdays lately and probably is as tired as well. But tomorrow is his last day and he’ll head home. On the train since we don’t have a car any more.  Me, I have 5 more days of work left before it’s time for some well earned holiday.

28 Jun 2012

Your future

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27 Jun 2012

After the show

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My colleagues are so nice and I’ll miss them heaps when I leave. Not only do we work very well together but we always seem to find a way to have fun and laugh at work,  no matter how stressful things are. So as a little gesture of appreciation  I treated everyone in the office (well it’s only 7 people so it’s not that many) to a little summer fika today. During the fika they surprised me with a really nice gift, a funky bracelet from Swedish DIIZ called After the Show. It’s a pink  silicon bracelet with a very cool graphical print on it. I love it! The sun is shining and I’m off to have dinner with my favourite Outdoor colleagues at Moon Thai Kitchen. It’s safe to say my day could be a lot worse. 🙂



27 Jun 2012

Why complicate life?

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26 Jun 2012

Delightfully messy?!

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You might have noticed that the update frequency here is somewhat irregular. The reason? There is a lot of packing going on right now and organising. It’s messy everywhere in our apartment and half of my belongings are up for grabs for interested family members and unknown strangers. Mentally exhausting and physically challenging too, with a sore back. I hate moving under normal circumstances and moving to a different country isn’t exactly easier, or in any way more relaxing. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again – I can’t wait for it to be over and done with!

26 Jun 2012

Tidningen SVEN

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På min vanliga bloggrunda kom jag idag via bloggen Colombialiv i kontakt med den alldeles gratis e-tidningen SVEN. Tidningen är ämnad för SVENskar som bor i utlandet eller de som är nyfikna på hur det skulle vara att flytta utomlands.  I varje nummer djupdyker tidningen i ett tema och i senaste numret är temat fika, kafferep och sju sorters kakor (kan det bli mycket svenskare än så?). Tidningen är skapad av tre svenska kvinnor boende i tre olika länder, ett roligt intitativ tycker jag och jag ska (när jag får tid över) givetvis kika in och lusläsa.

26 Jun 2012

Anmäla flytt, eller inte?

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Jag har läst på Skatteverkets hemsida att man om man planerar att bo utomlands ett år eller mer ska anmäla sin flytt. Om jag anmäler att jag emigrerar skrivs jag ju ut från Försäkringskassan till exempel och jag antar att det blir lite krångligare att komma tillbaka hem om jag skulle vilja det. Undrar också lite över vad som händer med min intjänade pension om jag emigrerar, förlorar jag den eller delar av den?

Jag undrar också hur det fungerar om jag inte anmäler att jag emigrerar. Vi har ju sagt upp lägenheten här i Göteborg och jag kan ju inte fortsätta vara folkbokförd på en adress i Sverige där vi inte bor. Är det någon vits att inte anmäla min flytt och så länge folkbokföra mig hos exempelvis min mamma? Hur har ni andra utlandssvenskar gjort?

25 Jun 2012

Midsummer weekend

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Midsummer was this weekend and even though we have lots of packing to do we took the time off to go visit friends in Jönköping. It ended up being a really good decision since we had a great time and Simon experienced his first traditional Midsummer celebration. We got lucky with the weather too since the forecast rain didn’t come until in the evening.

The Sunday was spent sorting boxes and packing so not a very exciting end to the weekend. I can’t wait for everything to be packed and ready!