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03 May 2012

Extend residence permit

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Simon’s temporary two year residence permit in Sweden is about to run out soon and I’ve therefore started looking into what we need to do to extend it. You don’t get a reminder from the Migration Board when your permit is about to run out, you have to keep track of it yourself and apply for an extension of your permit before your current permit expires.

The application for the extension will not be processed until your current permit expires. But if you’ve submitted your application for an extension before then, you’re allowed to stay in Sweden until the Migration Board has reached a decision. Your also allowed to keep working while the application is being processed.

Even though the Migration Board normally will grant you a permanent residence permit if you’ve lived together with your partner for two years or longer, you and your partner will still be called to an interview. What a pain!

An application can either be handed in personally to a Migration Board office or be sent in per snail mail. This is what you need for your application:

Seems to be some work ahead of us for this so I think we better get started….

02 May 2012


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Hen party if you google translate it to Swedish comes up as möhippa, of course, but also with the even funnier optional translation fruntimmersbjudning. No matter what you wish to call it we had one for my very good friend Maria the other weekend. As I’ve written before in Sweden the Bride to be (and the same goes for the Groom to be and his Box party) are supposedly unaware of when the party will take place.

The hen party was down in Karlshamn where Maria, the bride to be, lives. Her sister in law who is a hairdresser is doing here hair for the big day and they had made plans to look at hairstyles.  But instead of that she was surprised and kidnapped by us girls hiding in the back of the hair salon. I think she had her suspicions that the party would take place that day but she was still quite surprised to see us.

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02 May 2012

Weed pass

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If  you’re planning on going to Amsterdam and would like to pay one of the world famous coffee shops a visit you’re soon out of luck. The Dutch government have introduced a weed pass to prevent tourists from buying marijuana in coffee shops in the whole country.

The new law is designed to cut the numbers of drug tourists who, some residents had complained, were creating nuisances like traffic jams and an increase of hard drug dealers on the streets.

The change in the law is also designed to reduce cross-border crime caused by foreigners coming to the Netherlands to buy their drugs then returning to sell them illegally at home.

All Dutch Coffee shops will become members only clubs and will have a limited memberships, 2 000 Dutch citizens over the age of 18 per shop. The new law is already in place in the southern parts of the Netherlands and will spread to the rest of the country (including Amsterdam) next year.


02 May 2012

Beautiful spring

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