02 May 2012


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Hen party if you google translate it to Swedish comes up as möhippa, of course, but also with the even funnier optional translation fruntimmersbjudning. No matter what you wish to call it we had one for my very good friend Maria the other weekend. As I’ve written before in Sweden the Bride to be (and the same goes for the Groom to be and his Box party) are supposedly unaware of when the party will take place.

The hen party was down in Karlshamn where Maria, the bride to be, lives. Her sister in law who is a hairdresser is doing here hair for the big day and they had made plans to look at hairstyles.  But instead of that she was surprised and kidnapped by us girls hiding in the back of the hair salon. I think she had her suspicions that the party would take place that day but she was still quite surprised to see us.

We had a busy schedule booked for the day and after we had some champagne and kitted Maria with a tiara and a veil we headed to Boda Borg. In two teams we competed against each other going through different rooms with quests, tackling a variety of mental and/or physical challenges. At Boda Borg each quest consists of 2-5 separate challenges and if you fail to solve a challenge before the time runs out you have to start over. If you complete the quest you get a stamp and the team with the most stamps after the time is up of course wins. Great fun and we all got really into it and brought out our most competitive side!

Concentration level is high and the creativity is flowing.

Second stop of they was a ceramic studio, Känslans Verkstad,  in the middle of nowhere. We had lunch, drank some wine and then the creativity started flowing. In just a couple of hours we managed to create some real masterpieces (at least if you ask us), the largest of them all being Maria’s bust of Håkan.

My masterpiece - a garden decoration.

You may kiss the groom!

A really nice day with lots of laughs and fun ended at Lina’s house with a dinner and some more drinks. Now we’re ready for the big day. Only two weeks to go.

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