03 May 2012

Extend residence permit

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Simon’s temporary two year residence permit in Sweden is about to run out soon and I’ve therefore started looking into what we need to do to extend it. You don’t get a reminder from the Migration Board when your permit is about to run out, you have to keep track of it yourself and apply for an extension of your permit before your current permit expires.

The application for the extension will not be processed until your current permit expires. But if you’ve submitted your application for an extension before then, you’re allowed to stay in Sweden until the Migration Board has reached a decision. Your also allowed to keep working while the application is being processed.

Even though the Migration Board normally will grant you a permanent residence permit if you’ve lived together with your partner for two years or longer, you and your partner will still be called to an interview. What a pain!

An application can either be handed in personally to a Migration Board office or be sent in per snail mail. This is what you need for your application:

Seems to be some work ahead of us for this so I think we better get started….

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5 Responses to “Extend residence permit”

  1. Reply Erin says:

    Hey! I just read this and it wasn’t as hard as it sounds… Is he applying for PUT or extended residency? They were really good to me at Norrköping migrationsverket, I nagged, they gave me a time, printed my familjebevis and it cost only 500-600 SEK… And I only did it 6 months ago! The interview was really easy, just for them to find out if you live together… They were asking how long it takes by train to get places from where we live and checking we answered the same! They said I could leave Sweden when I wanted and get back in by just telling them that migrationsverket was going through my application.. Hope it’s as easy for you guys as it was for us! Lycka till! 🙂

    • Reply simon & anna says:

      We’ll hope to get the PUT since he’s been here almost two years. Thanks for the information, I’m happy to hear it went smooth for you. I hope it will be as easy for us as well. Did you do it before you’re other permit ran out?

      • Reply Erin says:

        Yes, I did… I knew I was travelling overseas (?) last summer with my mum so nagged them to give me an interview asap as I know what it’s like here in the Summer (my other permit ran out mid-July! This meant that I got my PUT before my UT ran out (maybe I was very lucky…) I did all my interviews in Swedish as I thought it would look better, but don’t think it mattered very much. It all happened very quick (about 15 minutes).. He shouldn’t have a problem as he sounds similar to me in the length of time spent in Sweden before applying!!

  2. Reply Erin says:

    And, I think you can order familjebevis online from skatteverket and they post them to you, it just has to be pretty updated 🙂

    • Reply simon & anna says:

      You’re right, there must have been an update since last. Just ordered one online now. Handy!

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